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Ontario Regulation 308/12 Exploration Plans and Permits Forms and Instructions Update

November 27, 2017: The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines has introduced new exploration plan/permit application forms and instructions to further support the administration of the Exploration Plans and Permits Regulation. Proponents have a 30-day period, ending on December 26, 2017, during which they must transition to these new requirements.

We also remind our clients that exploration plans and exploration permit applications will be submitted online through our electronic, online 24/7 Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) once it is fully operational on April 10, 2018.

Consult our website for more detailed information on plans/permits forms and instructions.

The Mines and Minerals Division works to support responsible land use management and mineral resource development by administration of the Mining Act, providing public geoscience information and client services.

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Mining Act Modernization Phase III: Preparing for Conversion

Stage 1 of Ontario’s Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) has been launched. We are also pleased to make available our user guide to help you enrol in MLAS.

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Land Tenure and Geoscience Resources

Access applications such as CLAIMaps, the Electronic Assessment System (EAS), GeologyOntario and OGSEarth to learn more about mining land tenure in Ontario or browse and search through our broad repository of digital and geoscience data.

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Aboriginal Participation Fund

The Aboriginal Participation Fund (APF) will create new opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among Aboriginal communities and organizations, government and industry.

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Ontario’s Mineral Development Strategy

The province officially released its new Mineral Development Strategy in December 2015.

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Mining Act

The Mining Act is a legal document which outlines all of the rules and regulations that apply to mining in Ontario.

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Exploration and Developing Minerals in Ontario

Here you will find information and resources on all stages of the mining sequence, as well as requirements for mineral exploration and development in Ontario, from prospecting to early and advanced development, to production and closure.

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Geology is a science which focuses on the study of solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed and the processes by which it changes. It provides insight into the Earth's past including the evolutionary history of life and past climates.

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