Mining Act Awareness Program

Please be advised that the Mining Act Awareness Program (MAAP) is presented here for viewing purposes only.

If you are completing MAAP to conduct business with ENDM and/or to satisfy a mandatory requirement under the Mining Act, please first register in The Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) and complete MAAP through the application.

Should you require more information please call 1-888-415-9845 Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.


The Mining Act Awareness Program (MAAP) is an online training course that provides information on the basics of the Mining Act and its provisions and regulations. The program ensures that prospectors and exploration proponents are informed before they engage in prospecting and exploration activity.

Who Must Take the MAAP?

You must complete the MAAP if:

  • You are applying for or renewing an existing prospector's licence.
  • You hold a lifetime prospector's licence.
  • You are listed as a "qualified supervisor" on an exploration plan or permit.

You may also want to take the MAAP if:

  • You are a private land owner or a member or representative of an Aboriginal Community that may engage or work with prospectors and the mineral exploration industry.
  • You are interested in the mining sequence or the Mining Act.

Topics Covered by the MAAP

The MAAP covers a wide range of important topics such as:

  • The purpose of the Mining Act and its regulations, including the operational policies that outline how early exploration activities are to be carried out in Ontario.
  • Aboriginal and treaty rights.
  • The rights of private land owners, and other users of the land when planning for early exploration activities
  • The requirements for carrying out early exploration activities.
  • Resources available to assist in preparing for online mining claim registration and early exploration activities.