Assessment Files

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Assessment Files contains the technical results from all exploration work done in the province of Ontario.
Data include: details on location, property ownership, type of work done, commodities sought for each assessment file and a link to the PDF version of each file that is stored on GeologyOntario.

Download the Assessment Files database in GIS format.

Assessment files received from April 2014 through December 2016 are now accessible on an interim basis through OGSEarth.

Download the April 2014-December 2016 Assessment Google Earth File.

Links to all Assessment files received after January 2017 are posted via the Resident Geologist Monthly Reports on OGSEarth. Download the Monthly Report .kml file to access these files. See Activity Reports-Mineral Exploration

Additional donated data that are not available online may be accessed at each of the 8 Resident Geologist Program offices located throughout the province.