Ontario’s Mineral Development Strategy

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Ontario has renewed its Mineral Development Strategy.

Ontario’s Mineral Development Strategy (MDS) is a comprehensive 10-year plan, created with input from representatives of exploration and mining companies, prospectors, First Nation communities, Métis communities, northern communities, and environmental NGOs.

MDS starts with our ambitious vision: to become the global leader in sustainable mineral development and production. And it provides a blueprint for how we will realize that vision by building on our industry’s well-earned global reputation and significant competitive advantages.

The strategy has four key strategic priorities and ten key action items. To become the global leader we must ensure the sector is:

  • Competitive and innovative by:
    • attracting jobs and investment
    • increasing mineral discovery rates
    • improving cost-competitiveness
    • fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Safe and environmentally responsible by:
    • enhancing worker health and safety
    • protecting the environment now and for future generations
  • Efficiently and effectively regulated by:
    • improving regulatory efficiency, predictability and transparency
  • Providing growth and prosperity for future generations by:
    • enhancing Aboriginal voices and meaningful participation in economic development
    • establishing the necessary socio-economic conditions to advance major mining projects
    • developing the workforce of tomorrow

The renewal of the strategy is a key commitment of the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario (Growth Plan).  The Growth Plan provides an economic framework to build a prosperous North by creating a diversified economy, stronger communities, a healthy environment and a skilled, adaptive and innovative workforce – all in a new spirit of partnership with Aboriginal peoples.

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