Mining Act Policies and Standards

Table of Contents


The ministry has developed a set of policies to aid clients on implementation of relevant Mining Act provisions and regulations.

Changes have been made to the Mining Act, including new regulations to promote mineral exploration and development in a manner that recognizes Aboriginal and treaty rights.

To view a listing of other Mining Act policies, visit the policies website.


The ministry has recently developed standards related to exploration plans and permits and to georeferencing of unpatented mining claims, as follows:

  • Provincial Standards for Early Exploration lists requirements that must be met when carrying out exploration plan or permit activities, including requirements for rehabilitation when the early exploration activities have been completed.
  • Georeferencing Standards for Unpatented Mining Claims sets out the standards for collecting and submitting Global Positioning System (GPS) georeferenced information as part of the Application to Record Ground Staked Mining Claim(s) in unsurveyed territory; or to provide ground truthed locational GPS data for a mining claim that is ground staked before November 1st, 2012.