East Block McAuslan Township Project (Permission to Test Mineral Content)


ENDM has recieved an application remove bedrock from mining claim 4257096 in McAuslan Township, District of Nipissing.

The proposed project involves excavating and removing a bulk sample of bedrock from the mining claim and conducting a variety of tests to indicate its suitability as dimension stone product and for other potential aggregate uses. The extraction site is located on a bedrock outcrop where soil disturbance will be minimal. A 100 metre trail will be required to access the sampling site.

Mining claim number 4257096, at latitude north 46.721896°, longitude west 79.333163° in McAuslan Township, District of Nipissing.
Le projet visant le lot de concessions minières est dans le canton de McAuslan, proposé par Gary M. Mote, se trouve à environ 40 kilomètres au nord de la Ville de North Bay.

For more information please contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section, Mineral Development and Lands Branch.