Lakeshore Gold 144 Project (Permission to Test Mineral Content)


Lakeshore Gold Corporation has submitted a proposal to retrieve a bulk sample of up to 50,000 tonnes of ore from the 144 Property.

The bulk sample will be obtained via an exploration drift located on the 765 metre level of the existing Timmins West Complex, extending in a westerly direction for approximately 1060 metres. Potential environmental impacts from the bulk sample proposal are minimal, as all work is taking place underground with no requirement for additional surface mine infrastructure in the proposed work area.

Unpatented mining claims number 1159640, and 1159637, Townships of Bristol and Thorneloe.
Une carte qui indique l'emplacement du projet proposé (claims miniers 1159637 et 1159640). Le chantier du projet est situé à 20 kilomètres à l'ouest de Timmins (Ontario) dans les cantons de Thornloe et Bristol.