Moneta Mine Rehabilitation Project (Permanent Fence Installation - Maintenance Project)


The existing temporary fencing on the property will be removed and replaced with approximately 300 metres of permanent fencing and signage that will meet the standards required in the Mining Act.

The permanent fencing will be installed in the same location as the temporary fencing, with the exception of completely enclosing both of the buildings on site. This will better prevent access to the buildings and therefore the site in general.

The permanent fencing will contain two locking gates so that access to the two buildings on site will be maintained if required.

The proposed project site is the non-operational Moneta Mine property, located at 289 and 263 Railway Street in Tisdale Township, downtown Timmins.
ENDM is proposing to exercise its authority under section 147(2) of the Mining Act to intervene when the requirements of an Order issued under section 147(1) are not fulfilled.

289 and 263 Railway Street, Timmins, Ontario
Moneta Mine Proposed Permanent Fence location