PAK Rare Metals (Permission to Test Mineral Content)


ENDM has received an application from Houston Lake Mining Inc. to extract up to 1,000 tonnes of rock material for the purpose of testing the rock properties for potential applications in the technical grade silica and lithium markets.

This proposed Category B project is being carried out in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for ENDM’s Activities under the Mining Act (Class EA).

The proposal would include:

  • stripping any overburden off of the bedrock, which is currently exposed;
  • drilling and sampling vertical boreholes; and
  • blasting, excavating and hauling the rock material to a crushing facility.

The site would be accessed by water and ice bridges from an existing ice road off of Duckling Lake.

180km north of Red Lake, Ontario, within unpatented mining claim 1232441.
A map showing the location of the proposed Pak Rare Metals project in northwestern Ontario. The proposed project is located approximately 180 kilometres northwest of Red Lake on unpatented mining claim 1232441.