Rond Lake Mine Rehabilitation Project (Proposal to Cap an Open Mine Shaft)


The Rond Lake Mine site (also historically known as the Fort Hope Mine or Golden Hope Mine) was in operation from 1927 to 1959, with two trenches, a shaft and lateral works constructed during this time.  The Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (ENDM) is proposing the placement of a cap on the flooded mine shaft in order to address safety concerns with the open shaft.

Due to its remoteness, the mine site can only accessed by air or by a winter road.  The preferred means of access is by helicopter.  The work is planned as two separate phases beginning in early fall (September/October 2017) over two successive years in order to avoid the disturbance of Woodland caribou during a sensitive time of year.

Site clearing and ground preparation around the shaft collar and landing pad will begin in late October 2017.  A detailed ground survey around the shaft collar will be conducted once the site clearing and ground prep work is done in order to inform the engineering design and fabrication of the steel cap.  The steel cap will be installed over the shaft in late September 2018, along with any other rehabilitation work that may be determined to be appropriate.

The Rond Lake Mine site is located 1.6 kilometres south of Rond Lake, and approximately 8 kilometres northwest of the community of Fort Hope (Eabametoong First Nation).
The Rond Lake Mine site