Tease Lake White Granite Project (Permission to Test Mineral Content)


ENDM has received an application to remove test blocks of white granite from the northeastern portion of mining claim 4274534 in the Tease Lake Area. The sample material will not exceed 700 tonnes and the excavated waste rock will not exceed 300 tonnes. If testing of the material is positive in the early stages of the proposed sampling project, then it is expected that less than half of the rock will be excavated. If that is the case then the applicant would file the Final Report for the Letter of Permission and proceed to production under the Aggregate Resources Act.

This proposed Category B project is being carried out in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for ENDM’s Activities under the Mining Act (Class EA).

Within mining claim 4274534, approximately 2 kilometres east of Manchester Lake and approximately 60 km northeast of the City of Thunder Bay.
A map showing the location of the Tease Lake White Granite Project, approximately 20 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay.