Wesdome Project (Application for Surface Rights Disposition)


ENDM has received an application to for a surface rights disposition under Section 40 of the Mining Act for the purposes of developing a new Tailings Management Facility (TMF). Wesdome's Eagle River Mill currently processes ore from the Eagle River underground mine and from the Mishi open pit mine. A new TMF is required due to resource expansion at the mine and decreasing capacity of the existing TMF. The new TMF will be located adjacent to Wesdome's current operations. In order to construct the TMF, Wesdome has requested the addition of surface rights for the 120 m reserve surrounding a portion of an unnamed tributary of Macassa Creek and a small portion of land at the southern end of the unnamed tributary to its existing lease.


For more information please contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section, Mineral Development and Lands Branch.