Assessment Work Credits

Assessment work is prospecting and/or exploration work (trenching, blasting, diamond drilling, geological or geophysical surveys, etc.) that a mining claim holder must do every year to keep the claim in good standing.

How to apply for assessment work credits.

With the November 1, 2012 amendments to the Assessment Work Regulation (Ontario Regulation 6/96) you have more items that are eligible for assessment work credit, more flexibility in applying for extensions of time to perform and file assessment work, and the ability to pay money instead of doing assessment work.

Apply for:

  • assessment work credits for Aboriginal consultation costs for expenses such as meeting costs, travel expenses, administration and other reasonably incurred expenses
  • assessment credits related to submitting Global Positioning System (GPS) georeferencing data for unpatented mining claims recorded before November 1, 2012
  • payments in lieu of actual assessment work
  • an extension of time to perform and/or file assessment work

Contact the Provincial Mining Recorder

What you need to know

Aboriginal consultation expenses

For the first unit of assessment work on a new claim, you may submit Aboriginal consultation expenses without geoscience assessment work.

After the first unit of assessment work, you may only submit Aboriginal consultation expenses with geoscience assessment work.

You cannot credit Aboriginal consultation expenses toward the units of assessment work required to take an unpatented mining claim to lease.

The value of consultation expenses filed for assessment credit is not reduced based on the age of the expenditures; however, only expenses incurred after November 1, 2012 are eligible.

Only consultation expenses incurred after November 1, 2012 are eligible for assessment credit.

You can bank and distribute approved expenses to contiguous claims.

GPS georeferencing data for existing unpatented mining claims

You are allowed assessment credit of $400 per claim unit when you provide GPS data on the boundaries of existing ground staked unpatented mining claims in unsurveyed territory.

The GPS data must meet ministry standards for collecting and submitting GPS claim data. You must also submit a technical report to receive assessment credit.  This will help the province verify the location of existing claims for the proposed move online staking.

Payment in lieu of assessment work

You may pay money, equivalent to the current year’s assessment work, instead of doing assessment work, to maintain a claim in good standing.

Payment in lieu cannot be:

  • applied for the first unit of required assessment or used in consecutive assessment years
  • banked or carried forward for future years, or credited toward the units of assessment work required to apply for a lease.

Extensions of time granted by the Mining Recorder

You may apply for extensions of time to perform and file assessment work for the required first unit of assessment work as well as for consecutive extensions of time.

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