Mine Closure

Mine closure involves the completion of mineral extraction, processing and transportation activities and the removal of the site facilities and infrastructure which supported these activities. No additional approvals are required at this stage, however, a completion report must be submitted to the ministry which documents how the mine site closure has complied with the requirements of the closure plan.

Land Restoration

After site facilities and infrastructure have been removed, all soil cover materials, vegetation and surface water features modified during the life of the mine must be restored to a quality, quantity and appearance that is as close as possible to pre-development conditions or the baseline environmental conditions measured and described during the beginning of mine development.

Return of Financial Assurance

The financial guarantee, held by the ministry as part of financial assurance, will be returned after evidence is submitted to the ministry which proves that all rehabilitation work outlined in the closure plan has been performed and meets the minister's satisfaction following an inspection of the site.

Returning Land

Any mining leases used during the lifecycle of the mine may be returned to the crown by submitting an application to the minister.


  • Regulatory Requirements Outside of ENDM provides a listing and descriptions of some of the regulatory permits and other requirements for common activities related to mineral exploration and development activities. The pdf document contains a left side navigation pane.  If your browser does not show this pane, save the pdf file to your computer and view with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • For more information regarding land restoration and the return of land or financial assurance, contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section or one of their local offices.