Aboriginal Communities

Many First Nations members in Ontario possess Aboriginal rights and/or treaty rights. Many Métis in Ontario (though not all Métis) also possess Aboriginal rights. Contact with Aboriginal Communities should be maintained throughout the mining sequence to ensure that issues involving potentially affected rights are appropriately addressed.

Contact Requirements and Suggestions

Aboriginal Communities must be consulted before beginning early exploration activities requiring exploration plans and exploration permits.  Consultation is also needed before advanced exploration or undertaking new mining projects and before beginning any rehabilitation project. Consultation must occur before filing a closure plan:

It is also highly recommended to contact Aboriginal Communities before:

  • Entering traditional land use areas to prospect
  • Prior to the creation of a closure plan
  • Beginning new exploration activities
  • Making changes to existing exploration activities
  • Beginning construction of a mine
  • Beginning to extract minerals

The policy Consultation and Arrangements with Aboriginal Communities at Early Exploration provides clarity and guidance to proponents for carrying out consultation requirements with Aboriginal communities.
Expenses related to Aboriginal consultation which occurred on or after November 1, 2012 may be submitted for assessment work credit by completing the Aboriginal Consultation Cost form and including it with a submission of assessment work.  The policy Assessment Work Credits – Eligible Expenses related to Consultation with Aboriginal Communities outlines the various categories of eligible expenses that will be credited at 100 per cent of the value.

Identifying Aboriginal Communities and Traditional Land Use Areas

Contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section to find out which Aboriginal Communities to consult.  (Assessment work credit will only be eligible for consultation which occurred with those Aboriginal Communities identified by MNDM.)