MAM Update - April 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

First New Proposed Regulations Posted For Public Comment on Provincial Registries

As part of the preparatory work on Modernizing the Mining Act, the ministry has been developing draft regulations that would support the proposed new legislation (Bill 39).  At least six new or amending regulations would be put forward in stages.  A proposal for the first two regulations, now posted to Ontario’s Environmental Registry and Regulatory Registry, covers the following: 

Changes to Current Regulation 6/96

In preparation for the introduction of online mining claim registration, MNDM has been urging all claim holders to georeference their existing recorded mining claim locations as shown on its CLAIMaps to make them as accurate as possible before they would be converted into the new proposed digital claims format. The change to the regulation would repeal the section that provided assessment credit for claim holders who submitted georeferencing data for claim posts. The change would take effect September 1, 2017. This measure was intended as a time-limited incentive to encourage georeferencing and allow the province to more accurately locate existing (legacy) mining claims. The incentive has served its purpose and is no longer necessary.

A New Staking Hiatus and Transition Regulation

Before the proposed conversion to online claim registration can occur, existing mining claims (legacy claims) will have a final determination made as to their location based on coordinates and the location will be delineated against the provincial grid.  To allow for that final determination process and other transition steps needed to prepare for conversion and the launch of the online claim registration system, there must be a temporary halt to the creation of new mining claims. This proposed regulation would suspend staking of mining claims for a 90-day period, currently targeted to begin November 1, 2017. This regulation would prevent or defer certain other activities and transactions that affect mining claims, and allow time to prepare for one-time conversion and the full launch of the new Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS). It would also provide for submission of Claim Boundary Reports (CBR) by existing claim holders. Claim holders could indicate via the CBR which of their claims to merge and those to keep separate, as part of the conversion to new digital mining claims on the provincial grid. The proposal for these two regulations has been posted concurrently to both registries for 45 days, for public and stakeholder review and feedback. The ministry will take comments received into consideration as it develops its final regulations.

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