MAM Update - August 2016

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS)

Ontario is proposing to move away from ground staked mining claims and to implement province-wide online mining claim registration and a new electronic Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS), as part of the ongoing roll-out of the Mining Act Modernization (MAM) process. The proposed changes to assessment work described in this bulletin depend on the enactment of technical amendments to the Mining Act and then developing a new assessment work regulation.

Proposed Changes to the Assessment Work Reg.

  • Detailed technical requirements for reports and maps may be moved to a separate technical standards to allow the ministry to respond more quickly to industry changes;
  • the claim holder would submit assessment work reports and distributions online through MLAS;
  • the ability to obtain assessment credits for geo-referencing a mining claim staked prior to November 1, 2012 would end sometime in the summer of 2017;
  • the current Electronic Assessment System (EAS) for filing assessment work would be replaced by the MLAS.

Staking Hiatus

During the staking hiatus, claim staking would be prohibited along with the following assessment work transactions:

  • filing of assessment work reports
  • distribution of assessment credits
  • submitting payment in place

To avoid cancellations, claims with anniversary dates (due dates) during the staking hiatus and for a short period afterwards, would have their anniversary dates moved forward.


(Introducing you to proposed new terminology)

Staking Hiatus

The period of time when no claim staking activity would be permitted across Ontario, as the province converts to the online claim registration system.

Post Conversion

A claim holder would be able to perform the following assessment tasks online via MLAS: submit assessment work reports, upload any technical reports/maps, file a pending distribution with a work report, distribute approved assessment credits, appoint an Assessment Work Manager to perform these tasks.

Clients would be able to save a draft of a work report submission while working on it. The successful submission of an assessment work report would be noted automatically on the appropriate claim abstract(s) and, based on the outcome of the ministry’s review, the application or distribution of credits to the appropriate claim(s).

Check for updates on how proposed conversion might affect anniversary dates as well as your banked and reserved credits or to learn more about the role of Assessment Work Manager in MLAS coming soon to our MAM website or for more information contact the Provincial Recording Office at 1-888-415-9845