MAM Update - December 18, 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

New Mining Act Modernization Regulations Available Online

Five regulations that will underpin legislation enabling the final phase of modernizing Ontario’s Mining Act are now available on the government’s e-Laws website. They will provide the regulatory framework for the introduction of our 24/7 Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) as well as for implementation of electronic mining claim registration. The regulations were finalized after a period of extensive engagement with industry representatives and other stakeholders including postings for public comment on the province’s regulatory and environmental registries last summer. They include:

O. Reg. 455/17 – Transition – Electronic Registration of Mining Claims

This regulation sets out a “pre-conversion” period from January 9, 2018 until the conversion date, expected to be April 10, 2018, to prepare for the conversion and the launch of the MLAS.  It sets out activities that will not be permitted during the pre-conversion period, including claim staking, transfers and submitting assessment work reports and how clients can provide input into the conversion of their legacy claims. The regulation also will prevent mining claims from forfeiting for not submitting assessment work reports during the pre-conversion period.   

O. Reg. 456/17 – Amending the General Regulation  (which remains O. Reg. 45/11)

The amendments will provide technical details about the provincial grid, which will show the location of mining claims and lands open for mining claim registration in Ontario. The amendments set out the claim holder information required for the electronic Mining Claims Registry, how access to non-electronic documents will be maintained, deals with surveys of claims and how and under what circumstances the Provincial Recording Office (PRO) may delete, correct and amend entries to the mining claim registry.

O. Reg. 454/17 – Conversion of Legacy Claims Regulation

This regulation provides some more detailed rules about the conversion of legacy claims under S. 38.2 of the Mining Act. It also addresses anniversary dates for post-conversion claims and how assessment work credits for legacy claims will be dealt on with when the claim converts into cell claims and boundary claims. 

O. Reg. 458/17 – Revoking Survey Reg. (Reg. 768, R.R.O. 1990)

The survey regulation is no longer needed as the General Regulation will address mining claim surveys.

O. Reg. 457/17 – Revoking Forms Reg. (O. Reg. 44/11)

Only one Mining Act form is still prescribed by regulation - other forms are approved by the Minister.  We moved the one prescribed form to the General Regulation, making the Forms redundant. 

You can review these regulations at e-Laws.

For more information visit us at our Modernizing the Mining Act website or call us at 1-888-415-9845.