MAM Update - December 20, 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

A Claim Boundary Report Will Allow You to Tailor Conversion of Legacy Claims

Claim staking in Ontario will come to an end on January 8, 2018. A 90-day pre-conversion period will go into effect January 9, followed by the introduction of online mining claim registration and the full launch of the new Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) on April 10, 2018.

Two very important things clients will have to do during the pre-conversion period are:

  • Ensuring they have received their enrolment kit including a PIN number to set up a ONe-key account that will be needed to create their client profile once Stage 1 of MLAS launches on February 7, 2018; and
  • Considering their options with respect to submitting a Claim Boundary Report (CBR).

What is a Claim Boundary Report?

A claim holder can prevent the merger of their legacy claims by submitting a CBR that groups those claims. At conversion, legacy claims will automatically be converted to one of two claim types: cell claims or boundary claims. Where two or more legacy claims (held by the same claim holder) are located in a cell, the legacy claims will merge into one cell claim unless the claim holder elects to prevent merger by submitting a CBR.

Submitting a CBR is a two-step process:

  • Once clients determine legacy claim groupings, they would submit a CBR through CLAIMaps anytime between January 9 and February 9, 2018.
  • After the CBR is submitted, clients would have to download and complete a confirmation form available in CLAIMaps and return it to MNDM by end of day February 23, 2018. The CBR will not be processed unless the confirmation form is received by MNDM.  Note that submitting a CBR can result in the creation of multiple boundary claims at conversion that could potentially increase assessment work requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: the ministry will only accept and process one CBR per claim holder. Where there are multiple claim holders, the submission has to be approved by all claim holders.

Experiment with Our Demonstration Tool

An online demonstration tool in CLAIMaps allows the user to generate a list of mining claim holdings, process a CBR to group mining claims, and view the potential outcomes of the conversion process. The ministry encourages mining claim holders who may be interested in using the CBR option to experiment with the tool to understand the impact of the groupings they have selected. Please keep in mind that the data in CLAIMaps continues to change and the content generated by the tool only provides a snapshot in time. Firm business commitments should not be made based on demonstration data.

For more information visit us at our Modernizing the Mining Act website or call us at 1-888-415-9845.