MAM Update - December 2016

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Bill 39 Sent to Committee

Second reading debate on Bill 39 at Queen’s Park ended on November 15 and the bill was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy for review. The committee will decide how, where and when to entertain public comment and then will review the Bill section by section and consider amendments. All told the bill was debated for more than nine hours in the Ontario Legislature since it was introduced on October 27th. Here are some excerpts of the debate:

“…throughout this process, we have worked incredibly closely with the mineral sector, certainly with indigenous communities, with mining prospectors—the whole works… if passed, Bill 39… will build on the good work already being done to drive prosperity and foster the growth of Ontario’s mineral sector.” – Hon. Michael Gravelle

“…I and many members of our party are huge supporters of mining… It’s the biggest indigenous employer in the province… so it’s an industry that very much supports our indigenous communities, particularly in the Far North…no matter what you do nowadays, you’re going to need products from mining…” – Norm Miller (PC)

“…we are fully aware of and are sensitive to the impact that moving to electronic claim registration could have on the traditional role of Ontario prospectors… we’re working directly with the Ontario Prospectors Association to ensure that the concerns of prospectors are heard and mitigated, where possible.” – Han Dong (L)

“…from my understanding from talking to a lot of the stakeholders who are involved in the mining sector, this is something they’ve been pretty well seeing in other jurisdictions across this country, and it’s time that we came into facilitating how mining is done here in Ontario so that we can attract greater investment…” – Michael Mantha (NDP)

Do You Have Any Questions?

A lot has happened this fall and we’re going to hit ground running in the new year. Are you looking for clarification on what’s happening with Mining Act Modernization? Send any general question you may have to and we’ll share them (and our answers) in upcoming editions of our MAM update bulletins.

Clarification-Final Determination

In the October MAM update bulletin, we stated that mining claims would have their location finally determined and delineated on CLAIMaps. In fact, mining claims would be delineated on the provincial grid, not CLAIMaps. We apologize for the error.

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