MAM Update - Fee Structure - March 2, 2018

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Ontario to Adjust Administration Fees for Acquisition of Mining Lands

New and Adjusted Fees Will Be In Effect April 10

As Ontario moves toward implementation of its new 24/7 Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS), we also need to adjust administrative fees related to registering new cell claims and associated transactions.  New and adjusted fees will be introduced concurrent with the launch of MLAS on April 10, 2018. In all, 12 fees are being adjusted, 19 others are being eliminated.

What Is Changing

In the new MLAS system, registering a mining claim will be completed by paying a single registration fee of $50 per cell.  Previously, registering a claim in Ontario included paying recording fee, costs for acquiring claim tags, as well as costs to the individual or company to stake the claim on the ground.  In addition, 19 existing fees have been eliminated, including the fee to transfer a mining claim from one owner to another.

What Is Not Changing

A number of fees, mostly related to leases and lease acquisition, are not changing at this time but will be the subject of further discussion with industry in 2018/19. Annual assessment work requirements will also remain unchanged, despite new cell sizes being 11 to 50 per cent larger than the size of current claim units. Assessment work requirements will be $400 per cell claim and $200 per boundary claim or any claim that is encumbered.

Supporting Prospecting and Exploration

The government is working to ensure Ontario remains a leading jurisdiction for mineral exploration and development. MLAS will provide a much more equitable system for registering mining claims and enhance Ontario’s mineral development competitiveness.  That’s because MLAS has been designed so that prospectors, junior exploration companies and mining companies alike use the same process to register mining claims, each having equal access to acquiring mining lands across the province.  The new registration is intended to strike a balance between meeting the needs of industry clients and minimizing the potential for speculative or nuisance staking.

A Strong Future for Prospecting in Ontario

Prospecting has been a key element of the mineral discovery process in Ontario for over a century and we want to ensure that prospecting continues to thrive in Ontario. We will be introducing a double assessment credit for prospecting wages to make it easier for prospectors to hold claims and more attractive for companies to hire prospectors for prospecting work. We are also committed to working with the prospecting communities to develop supportive policies and programs.

Click here for a table outlining our fee changes or visit us at our Modernizing the Mining Act website or call us at 1-888-415-9845.