MAM Update - July 6, 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

New Proposed Regulatory Changes Posted on Provincial Registries

The second group of new or amending regulations being put forward as part of Ontario’s work to modernize the Mining Act is now posted for public comment on Ontario’s Environmental Registry and Regulatory Registry. Ontario is proposing a number of regulatory changes including the revocation of one existing regulation.

New Conversion Regulation to Support Implementation of Bill 39

This is a key step in implementing the final phase of modernizing Ontario’s Mining Act, under which all existing recorded mining claims in Ontario will convert to digital claims on the conversion date. That date, to be set by Minister’s regulation, is tentatively targeted for February 6th, 2018 when MLAS would be fully launched.

At conversion, mining claims will convert to cell claims and  boundary claims and be deemed registered in the mining claims registry in accordance with the Act.  The basic rules for conversion are set out in the amendments to the Mining Act, which are not yet in effect, but details around certain aspects of the conversion process are to be set out in the conversion regulation.

Proposed Changes to Current General Regulation

Changes to current General Regulation 45/11 will provide details about the provincial grid that will be used to determine the location of mining claims in Ontario. Provisions relating to the filing of documents will be revoked and moved into Minister’s Directives.
These directives will set out how to access MLAS to carry out transactions.  

Provisions dealing with abandonment and voluntary surrender of a mining claim will move to a new mining claim regulation. The Mining Act requires one remaining prescribed form, which would move to the General Regulation so that the Forms Regulation can be revoked. Other amendments to the General Regulation will be made to reflect new terminology and the new cell claims and boundary claims.

Forms Regulation Revocation

Regulation 44/11 lists two forms that are still prescribed under the Mining Act. One of these is unnecessary as the provision to which it relates no longer exists. Other forms are Minister’s approved forms that are not required to be set out in a regulation. As well, transactions will mostly be done with direct data entry into MLAS or they will be set out as Minister’s approved forms -- old type of prescribed paper forms submitted will not need to be submitted.  The one remaining prescribed form will be moved into the General Regulation, and this Forms Regulation will be revoked.

Public Input Sought

Public comment on the proposed changes is welcome over the next 45 days. The first proposed regulatory changes were posted earlier this spring. Consult either registry for more complete information.

For more information visit us at our Modernizing the Mining Act website or call us at 1-888-415-9845.