MAM Update - March 28, 2018

Mines and Minerals Division: 

New Technical Standards for Reporting Assessment Work Now Available Online

New Technical Standards for Reporting Assessment Work have been published and are available on the ministry website. We encourage all mineral exploration and development participants to familiarize themselves with these new standards that will come into effect when Stage 2 of Ontario’s new 24/7 electronic Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) launches on April 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

The new standards flow from the new assessment work regulation (O. Reg. 65/18) that will replace the existing regulation. The new regulation will also describe how claim holders can manage their assessment work credits through MLAS.

Technical Standards Requirement Details

The new technical standards specify what information must be submitted in the technical report that is required as part of reporting eligible types of assessment work to the Ministry, including detailed explanations of the geoscience work that was done, maps or plans where required, and details of expenses claimed for the work, along with receipts, invoices and other supporting paperwork. The eligible types of work, set out in the regulation, for which standards are set out are: 

  • Grass roots prospecting
  • Bedrock trenching, bedrock pitting, overburden stripping and related manual work and associated sampling work (see the regulation for details)
  • Taking samples for the purpose of geoscience work
  • Remote sensing imagery
  • Geological survey work
  • Geochemical survey work
  • Ground geophysical survey work
  • Airborne geophysical survey work
  • Modelling or reprocessing of existing data in order to identify a new mineral exploration target
  • Line cutting associated with geoscience work
  • Exploratory drilling by core or non-core methods, including diamond or core drilling, and other drilling such as percussion, reverse circulation and auger drilling
  • Drill core or drill sample submissions
  • Petrographic work, including microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and electron microprobe studies
  • Environmental baseline studies
  • Rehabilitation required or permitted to be done under the Act, if done in accordance with the requirements in the Act or the regulations

The technical standards will also detail the requirements for submitting costs associated with consulting Aboriginal communities as well as receipts and invoices documenting expenses incurred.

Please take note as well that most clients won’t have to file any assessment work until 2019 due to the special exclusion of time in the transition regulation. There will be plenty of time for clients to review these standards before having to comply with the new requirements.

For more information visit us at our Modernizing the Mining Act website or call us at 1-888-415-9845.