MAM Update - March 8, 2018

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Assessment Work and Mining Claims Regulations Now Available Online

The last two regulations supporting implementation of the final phase of modernizing Ontario’s Mining Act are now available on the government’s e-Laws website. The regulations will come into force when Stage 2 of Ontario’s new 24/7 electronic Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) launches on April 10, 2018. The proposal for these regulations was posted to the provincial Environmental and Regulatory registries last fall for a 45-day public input period.

O. Reg. 65/18 – New Assessment Work Regulation/Revocation of Assessment Work Regulation O. Reg. 6/96

Ontario Regulation 6/96 dealing with assessment work will be revoked and replaced by O. Reg. 65/18, the new Assessment Work regulation that will allow claim holders to manage their assessment work credits through MLAS. It will also introduce new terminology such as Assessment Work Manager as well as new rules that reflect cell claims and boundary claims on the provincial grid. It will include updated rules with respect to assessment work, banking of assessment work credits and the distribution of credits to and from mining claims.

Previously a paper-based process, the move to MLAS will allow claim holders to file assessment work reports and other documents digitally. MLAS will include a feature that will replace the former Electronic Assessment System (EAS), used for generating assessment work reports and other related documents. Additionally, technical details around the provision of reports and data in support of the submission of assessment work reports will be moved out of the regulation to a separate technical standards document.

Changes to the assessment work rules were developed in extensive consultation with, and input from industry, Indigenous groups and the public through various fora including the Minister’s Mining Act Advisory Committee, Environmental and Regulatory registry postings, client information sessions, and presentations at mineral exploration and development symposia.

O. Reg. 66/18 -New Mining Claims Regulation / Revocation of Claim Staking and Recording Regulation O. Reg. 43/11 

Ontario Regulation 43/11 addressing the staking and recording of mining claims will be revoked and replaced by O. Reg. 66/18 that deals with the new process of online mining claim registration and other matters relating to mining claims including:

  • new terminology reflecting the new types of mining claims as well as details about registration including the limit on multi-cell claims;
  • details dealing with transactions relating to mining claims including amalgamation and transfers;
  • provisions with respect to the abandonment or voluntary surrender of a mining claim.

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