MAM Update - May 2016

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Conversion is Coming

Legislation enabling the third phase of Ontario’s work to modernize the Mining Act was tabled at Queen’s Park and proposes to convert Ontario’s manual system of ground and paper staking, and maintaining unpatented mining claims to an online system. At conversion, ALL active, unpatented claims would be converted from their legally-defined claim posts on the ground or by township survey to a cell-based provincial grid. Following conversion, the claims would be legally defined by their cell on the grid and coordinate location in CLAIMaps. These proposed changes would bring greater accuracy and certainty to the location of mining claims, greater certainty of rights and interests, as well as offer flexible management of land assets.

Being Ready Is Your Responsibility

While proposed legislation awaits second reading in the Ontario Legislature, it is your responsibility as a claim holder to remain informed and engaged in the process in order to manage your claims and interests, know your role and obligations, and to maximize the opportunities and benefits of the new system. We encourage you to refer to our online Pre-Conversion Checklist to help prepare for the proposed changes. It is your responsibility to understand conversion and the impacts of changes contained in the proposed Mining Amendment Act, 2015 (Bill 155).


(Introducing you to the new terminology)

Provincial Grid
The proposed province-wide online grid, overlain upon the CLAIMaps database, is made up of 5.2 million cells ranging in size from 17.7 ha in the north, to 24 ha in the south. Before launching the new Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS), all active, unpatented mining claims would be converted to one or more cells on the grid. Preview the proposed provincial grid on CLAIMaps to see how conversion may affect your claim fabric.

Helping You Prepare for Conversion…

Changing practices that have been done a certain way for more than 100 years can be a complex undertaking. That’s why it’s important for you to review the pre-conversion checklist and seek clarity on what you may need to do. Please do not hesitate to send questions you may have to We will publish Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on our Mining Act Modernization webpage. You may also contact us directly at the coordinates below.

…And Keeping In Touch

If you want to receive the latest news on the third phase of our work to modernize the Mining Act, you can subscribe to update bulletins or visit our website or for more information contact the Provincial Recording Office at 1-888-415-9845