MAM Update - October 2016

Mines and Minerals Division: 

September 1, 2017 Target Deadline for Georeferencing Mining Claims

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to think about georeferencing mining claims recorded prior to November 1, 2012. As of that date, it has been required that all new mining claims be georeferenced using GPS technology that is in accordance with Ontario’s “Georeferencing Standards for Unpatented Mining Claims” guidelines.

As of September 1, 2016 there were approximately 31,000 active mining claims in the province. Of those, roughly 9,000 (29%) have already been georeferenced, while another 6,400 (20%) claims are considered georeferenced because they are located in surveyed townships. That means that more than half of all mining claims in Ontario could still be georeferenced over the coming year. Are your claims among these?

Subject to proposed amendments to legislation being passed for MAM Phase 3, there will be a final determination and delineation of your mining claim and, at that point, the physical location of posts will no longer determine your claim. Instead, it would be defined by its position as shown on CLAIMaps.

It is important for you to ensure that your claims are properly located on CLAIMaps and that you draw any spatial data discrepancies to the ministry’s attention. Remember you can obtain $400 per claim unit in assessment credit (up to $6,400 for a 16-unit claim) for filing georeferencing data with the
province. Since November 1, 2012, $24 million in assessment credits has been approved for georeferencing these claims. Be aware that the ministry is targeting Friday, September 1, 2017 as the deadline for you to submit georeferenced coordinates for your mining claims.

MAM Regional Information Sessions on Tap This Fall

Mining Act Modernization Project Acting Director Roy Denomme will deliver new information sessions to regional client groups and associations starting later this fall. Please consult your regional prospector’s association for dates, time and location.

MAM Glossary

(Introducing you to proposed new terminology)

Amalgamation: the grouping together of up to 25 individual claims into a single larger multi-cell claim with certain restrictions. Amalgamation would apply only after full launch of the Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS).

You Can Still Book Your One-On-One Grid Demonstration

Schedule your personal demonstration to see what your claim portfolio would look like after the proposed conversion to cell based mining claims. We’ll show you the potential “before and after” view of your mining claims. We offer this session locally in Sudbury and remotely across the province. Contact us at the number below.

You can learn more by visiting our Mining Act Modernization website or for more information contact the Provincial Recording Office at 1-888-415-9845