MAM Update - Special Edition - January 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division Spatial Data Now Available

New spatial data for the Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division is now available on CLAIMaps. Other divisions for which spatial data can currently be viewed include the Kenora, Red Lake, Patricia, and Southern Ontario Mining Divisions. Over the coming year, this new data will be made available for the other mining divisions as they are updated.

As part of our preparations for implementation of proposed legislative changes to the Mining Act in order to implement Phase III of modernizing the Mining Act, we are in the process of updating the spatial data on CLAIMaps to more accurately show the location of unpatented mining claims, leases and patents that have been georeferenced.

The information provided represents all unpatented mining claims that have gone through the georeferencing process for these five mining divisions -- it demonstrates the realignment of leases and patents as well as the new lot and concession fabric that would apply under the proposed legislation.

Instructions on how to view the new data in CLAIMaps is available on our website.

For additional assistance or more information on these new data sets please contact Léanne Messier at 1-888-415-9845 ext 5793 or email at