Ontario Geological Survey Issues Request to Purchase Private Airborne Geophysical Data

Mines and Minerals Division: 

This Request for Data is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact lise.robichaud@ontario.ca.

The Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) is looking to purchase proprietary airborne geophysical survey data from private-sector companies to enhance its current inventory. Mineral exploration is the lifeblood of Ontario’s mining industry, and the Province is committed to ensuring the sector remains vibrant and prosperous.

New mineral discoveries often lead to economic and social benefits for Ontario communities, through advanced exploration and mine development. By purchasing data from private companies, the Ontario government can quickly put new data into the public domain to encourage mineral exploration and support the economy.

How the OGS uses geophysical data

Geophysics provides the basic infrastructure used by the mineral industry to choose areas to explore and to identify mineral exploration targets. The OGS will sometimes purchase proprietary airborne geophysical surveys to:

  • Complement data previously acquired by industry
  • Avoid re-surveying areas that may have already been surveyed with airborne geophysics
  • Acquire data at a lower cost than by commissioning new surveys
  • Fill in areas without existing geophysical coverage
  • Increase its inventory of geophysical coverage in the province.

Request for data

Through this request for data, the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines will solicit, evaluate, and may choose to purchase privately-owned airborne geophysical data (survey data) that meet both OGS quality standards and program objectives. Recommendations to purchase survey data will be based on a ranking scheme that considers geographic, technical and quality factors, as well as available budget.

You can review or download the complete Request for Data from the ministry website. Instructions on how to offer airborne geophysical data for sale are included in Appendix D of the document.

For more information, contact Lise Robichaud, Manager, Geoscience Mapping, Ontario Geological Survey at 705-507-0034 or lise.robichaud@ontario.ca.