Progress update – March 2015

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Preview Ontario’s Proposed Provincial Grid

Preview a demo of the proposed provincial grid on the CLAIMaps system to visualize your claim holdings under the proposed online system.

Moving from Ground-based to Cell-based Mining Claims

As part of the ongoing Mining Act Modernization process, Ontario is proposing to implement an online mineral tenure acquisition process. Under the proposed system, you would go online to select predefined cells on a provincial grid, and register mining claims for those cells.

Note: The demonstration grid is an illustration provided for display purposes only: it is not official and is subject to change. Proposed amendments to the Mining Act would need to be enacted before the government could put in place a final, official version of the provincial grid.

Proposed provincial grid on the CLAIMaps system

Quick Links

  • Preview the proposed provincial grid on CLAIMaps
  • Review provincial georeferencing standards
  • Contact the Provincial Recording Office for more information on Ontario’s  proposed provincial grid