Publications Release Notice — August 7, 2013

Mines and Minerals Division: 

The following publications are being released on August 7, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, or 9:00 a.m. Central Time, unless otherwise indicated. Our next scheduled publications release is October 1, 2013. To automatically receive the Publications Release Notice by email, subscribe to the distribution list by contacting Publication Sales.

Maps and reports in hard-copy (paper) format and digital data sets available on physical media (CD or DVD) can be purchased from the Publication Sales office. Publications can be downloaded for free from the GeologyOntario application or by following the links provided in this release notice. In cases where the file size is prohibitive for downloading, please contact the Publication Sales office to obtain the data on physical media (CD for $20.00; DVD for $25.00).

Prices listed in this Release Notice apply to hard-copy versions only and are subject to change without notice. The prices given in a particular release notice are guaranteed only for a period of 1 month following the date of the release.

Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section

Precambrian Geology – Northwestern Ontario

Miscellaneous Release—Data 310
Mineralogical Analyses of Ijolites and Related Rocks, Mesoproterozoic Prairie Lake Carbonatite Complex, Northwestern Ontario; by S.E. Zurevinski and D.C. Crabtree. This data release comprises the data set of electron microprobe analyses of garnet, clinopyroxene, nepheline, magnetite, wollastonite and biotite from a variety of ijolites and related rocks from the Prairie Lake Carbonatite Complex. The complex is part of a Mesoproterozoic Midcontinent Rift-related alkalic rock – carbonatite petrologic province north of Lake Superior, associated with the northern extension of the Trans Superior Tectonic Zone. The collection and analysis of these samples were part of a study of the Prairie Lake Carbonatite Complex, which was published as Ontario Geological Survey, Study 46 by R.P. Sage in 1987, but the orbicular ijolite data had never been published. It is the only known occurrence of orbicular ijolite in the world. The data are available as 10 worksheets in 1 Microsoft® Excel® 2010 (.xlsx) file, on 1 CD. $20.00.

Precambrian Geology – Proterozoic and Grenville Province

Preliminary Map P.3774
Precambrian Geology, Raglan Hills Metagabbro and Environs, Grenville Province; by S.J. Magnus, scale 1:20 000, colour. Geological, geochemical, geophysical and petrographic data available as Miscellaneous Release—Data 309 (see below). $12.00.

Miscellaneous Release—Data 309
Geological, Geochemical, Geophysical and Petrographic Data from the Raglan Hills Area, Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province; by S.J. Magnus. This release contains field notes, outcrop photographs, whole rock and isotope geochemical data, magnetic susceptibility data and scintillometer data collected as part of the Raglan Hills mapping project between August 2011 and September 2012, and all related presentations to the public by the author. The Raglan Hills mapping project was supported through the Ontario Geological Survey–Carleton University Graduate Mapping School Program; these data are part of an unpublished Master of Science (MSc) thesis. This release comprises 1064 images (as .jpg files), 15 Microsoft® Excel® 2010 (.xlsx) workbook files and 10 documents in portable document format (.pdf). The data are available on 1 DVD. $25.00.

Aggregate Resources and Industrial Minerals

Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper 175
Aggregate Resources Inventory of the County of Perth, Southern Ontario; by D.J. Rowell. 75p. $21.00.

Paleozoic Geology and Energy Studies

Open File Report 6279
Gas Assessment of the Devonian Kettle Point Formation; by C. Béland Otis. Geological, geochemical and geophysical data available as Miscellaneous Release—Data 304 (see below). 63p. $9.00.

Miscellaneous Release—Data 304
Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Data from the Kettle Point Formation Drilling Program, Southern Ontario; by C. Béland Otis. This data release contains geochemical and geophysical data collected as part of the Kettle Point Formation drilling program that took place in March and April 2010, and is being released in conjunction with Open File Report 6279, Gas Assessment of the Devonian Kettle Point Formation. The release consists of 13 geochemistry tables as Microsoft® Excel® 2003 (.xls) files, 10 geophysical log (.tif) files and 13 additional geophysical logs as Log ASCII Standard (.las) files. Available on 1 CD. $20.00.


In the Ontario Drill Hole Database—2013 (released June 4, 2013), the .dbf file for the shape file is missing attribute data. A new .dbf file has been created. These errors have been corrected and a replacement version of the database is available. If you purchased this product on CD, please contact Publication Sales and a replacement CD will be sent to you free of charge. Alternatively, the corrected version of Ontario Drill Hole Database—2013 is also available to download from the GeologyOntario application at

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