Publications Release Notice — December 15, 2020

Mines and Minerals Division: 

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Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section

Precambrian Geology — Northeastern Ontario

Preliminary Map P.3842
Precambrian Geology of Penhorwood Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Ontario; by P.J. MacDonald, L.E.D. Vice and J.M. Bisaillon, scale 1:20 000, colour. Geological, geochemical and geophysical data available as Miscellaneous Release—Data 378 (see below). $13.75

Miscellaneous Release—Data 378
Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Data Related to Penhorwood and Kenogaming Townships, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Ontario; by L.E.D. Vice and P.J. MacDonald. This digital data release contains field data, field photographs, whole-rock geochemical data, geochronology information, and magnetic susceptibility data related to 1:20 000 scale mapping of Penhorwood and Kenogaming townships, along with parts of Pharand and Regan townships, northeastern Swayze area collected during the summer of 2018. Also included are previously published Summary of Field Work and Other Activities articles related to the project. This release comprises 192 photographs (as .jpg files), 8 Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365 (.xlsx) workbook files and 7 documents in portable document format (.pdf). These data augment Preliminary Maps P.3842, Precambrian Geology of Penhorwood Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Ontario, and P.3841, Precambrian Geology of Kenogaming Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Ontario; the geological legend for the maps is also provided. The data are available on 1 CD. $20.00

Precambrian Geology — Northwestern Ontario

Miscellaneous Release—Data 387
Compilation of Soil, Rock and Lake Sediment Sampling Data from the Red Lake Area, Northwestern Ontario; compiled by S.O. Lewis. This digital data release includes all of the soil, rock and lake sediment geochemical data collected by Laurentian Goldfields Ltd. (now PureGold Mining Inc.), from 2011 to 2012, at their Goldpines North and Goldpines South properties. The 4287 soil samples, 214 whole-rock samples, and 144 lake sediment samples were collected from an approximately 163 km2 area in the Ear Falls area southeast of Red Lake, Ontario. These data were compiled from assessment files AFRI# 20000007485, 20000007991 and 2000008062. The analytical, quality assurance and quality control details can be found in the respective assessment file. All sample locations are provided using North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) in Zone 15. This release comprises 3 Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365 (.xlsx) workbook files and 1 document in portable document format (.pdf). The data are available on 1 CD. $20.00

Surficial Mapping and Sampling

Miscellaneous Release—Data 383
Results of the 2014–2017 Drilling Programs on the Niagara Peninsula: Graphic Logs, Descriptions and Analytical Data; by A.K. Burt. This release contains graphic logs, sediment descriptions, interpretations, analytical data, a subsurface database and photographs resulting from 99 continuously cored boreholes drilled as part of the multiyear, Niagara Peninsula three-dimensional (3-D) sediment mapping project. The data in this release can be used as a geologic framework for interpreting lower quality data (i.e., water well records) surrounding each borehole and to calculate the hydraulic conductivity of borehole sediments. The goal of the multiyear mapping project is to build a regional-scale 3-D model of Quaternary deposits that form both regional and local aquifers and aquitards in a region encompassing approximately 5000 km2 of the Niagara Peninsula in southern Ontario. The model will be used for land-use planning purposes and to generate groundwater flow models. This release comprises 18 590 photographs (as .jpg files), 6 Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365 (.xlsx) workbook files, 99 graphic logs (.png), 9 reference maps (.tif), a shapefile of borehole locations and 3 documents in portable document format (.pdf). The data are available on 1 DVD. $25.00

Paleozoic Geology and Energy Studies

Open File Report 6362
Application of Subsurface Mapping to the Interpretation of Paleozoic Structures from Lineament Analysis of High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Data in the Chatham Sag, Southwestern Ontario; by C. Béland Otis, 171p. $15.35


Open File Report 6370
Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2020; by Ontario Geological Survey, 182p. $11.70

The Contents may be viewed on the Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2020 Web page.


Preliminary Map P.3841, Precambrian Geology of Kenogaming Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Northeastern Ontario (released December 2019), has been updated to correct a geochronology age associated with the Matachewan Dike Swarm (unit 28). It should be 2460 Ma. A new geochronology sample (18LV190) has been added to the map and Table 1. Additionally, the location map, and text in the legend footnotes and in “Sources of Information” have been updated to align with those in adjacent map P.3842, published December 2020, and maps P.3847 and P.3848, to be published in 2021. The grey colour of unit 7 (chemical metasedimentary rocks) was also darkened to align with that used on the abovementioned maps.

A new version of this map is available. If you purchased a copy of this map and wish to receive a replacement copy, please contact Publication Sales, and the new version will be shipped to you free of charge. Alternatively, the new version of Preliminary Map P.3841 is available for free downloading on GeologyOntario.

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