Publications Release Notice — November 5, 2013

Mines and Minerals Division: 

The following publications are being released on November 5, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, or 8:00 a.m. Central Time, unless otherwise indicated. Our next scheduled publications release is December 3, 2013. To automatically receive the Publications Release Notice by email, subscribe to the distribution list by contacting Publication Sales.

Maps and reports in hard-copy (paper) format and digital data sets available on physical media (CD or DVD) can be purchased from the Publication Sales office. Publications can be downloaded for free from the GeologyOntario application or by following the links provided in this release notice. In cases where the file size is prohibitive for downloading, please contact the Publication Sales office to obtain the data on physical media (CD for $20.00; DVD for $25.00).

Prices listed in this Release Notice apply to hard-copy versions only and are subject to change without notice. The prices given in a particular release notice are guaranteed only for a period of 1 month following the date of the release.


Open File Report 6290
Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2013; by Ontario Geological Survey, 584p. $12.00.

The Contents may be viewed at the Summary of Field Work and Other Activitives, 2013 page.


In Miscellaneous Release—Data 300, The Montclerg Gold Deposit, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, East Timmins Region, Ontario: Stratigraphy, Lithogeochemistry, Mineralization and Nature of Vein Fluids (released October 1, 2013), 2 errors have been noted. On page 104 of the report, The Montclerg gold deposit, Abitibi greenstone belt, east Timmins region, Ontario: Stratigraphy, lithogeochemistry, mineralization and nature of vein fluids—Discover Abitibi Initiative, in the last paragraph, the last 2 sentences starting with “In the Lightning Zone of the Holloway Mine, which...” are replaced with the 3 sentences shown below. The reference for Berger and Amelin (1999) has been added to “References”.

“...In the Lightning Zone of the Holloway Mine, much of the gold is hosted by a ferrodacitic unit (Ropchan et al. 2002; Barrett 2011a). However, this is less surprising an occurrence than rhyolite-hosted gold, as ferrodacite should chemically make a better host rock as a result of its notably higher Fe/Mg ratio. Although an age has not been determined for the ferrodacite unit, Berger and Amelin (1999) reported an age of 2716.3±1.5 Ma for a Kidd–Munro assemblage intermediate tuff-breccia located approximately 2 km northeast of the Holloway Mine.”

These errors have been corrected and a replacement CD is available for those clients who purchased the CD with the incorrect files. Please contact Publication Sales and the replacement CD will be sent to you free of charge. Alternatively, you may download the corrected files from our GeologyOntario website.

We regret any inconvenience these errors may have caused.


Ontario Exploration and Geoscience Symposium

November 5 and 6, 2013, United Steelworkers Local 6500 Hall, 66 Brady Street, Sudbury, Ontario

Once again, staff of the Mines and Minerals Division, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, will be participating in the annual Ontario Prospectors Association’s (OPA), Ontario Exploration and Geoscience Symposium (OEGS) in Sudbury. The symposium provides an excellent forum for members of Ontario’s mining and exploration community to gather for the exchange of geoscience and exploration information. Ministry staff will be presenting posters and talks on recent field work, geoscience projects and initiatives, and summaries of current exploration activities in Ontario. The symposium will include presentations on recent exploration throughout Ontario. For more information about the Ontario Exploration and Geoscience Symposium, please visit the OPA web site.