Summary of Field Work and Other Activities 2013

Mines and Minerals Division: 

The Ontario Geological Survey is pleased to provide Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2013 (OFR 6290) for electronic distribution.

Summary of Field Work and Other Activities presents highlights of, and key new information from, mapping and geoscientific research conducted during the year.

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Office of the Director, Ontario Geological Survey

  1. The Ontario Geological Survey Branch—2013 J.A. Fyon

Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section

  1. Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section: Program and Project Overview J.R. Parker

Precambrian Geology – Northeastern Ontario

  1. Project Unit 13-012. Geology and Mineral Potential of Marsh and Lang Townships, Michipicoten Greenstone Belt L. Robichaud
  2. Structural and Mineralogical Evidence for Paleoproterozoic Hydrothermal Activity at the Young–Davidson Mine, Matachewan, Ontario B.G. Daniels, S. Lin, J. Zhang and R.L. Linnen

Precambrian Geology – Northwestern Ontario

  1. Project Unit 09-006. Western Wabigoon Subprovince Synthesis Project G.P. Beakhouse
  2. Project Unit 13-007. Geology and Mineral Potential of Aldina Township, Wawa Subprovince R.W.D. Lodge
  3. Project Unit 13-006. Structure and Stratigraphy of the Eastern Portion of the Sioux Lookout Greenstone Belt, Western Wabigoon Subprovince S.R. Meade
  4. Project Unit 13-030. Preliminary Observations of the Marmion Terrane Four-Dimensional Crust–Mantle Evolution and Mineral Systems K.E. Bjorkman, T.C. McCuaig, Y.J. Lu, G.P. Beakhouse, P. Hollings and M.C. Smyk

Precambrian Geology – Far North

  1. Project Unit 13-028. Zircon Lutetium-Hafnium Systematics of Granites Across the Uchi Domain–North Caribou Terrane Boundary: A Preliminary Report T.M. Stainton, P. Hollings, S.E. Zurevinski and R.M. Cundari

Precambrian Geology – Proterozoic and Grenville Province

  1. Proterozoic Mapping Initiative—2013 Overview R.M. Easton
  2. Project Unit 11-004. Mineralogy of the Rare Earth Elements in Marbles from the Brudenell Area, Northeastern Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province R.M. Easton and S.A. Clarke
  3. Project Units 11-004 and 13-013. Geology and Mineral Potential of the Late Syenite Suite (1090–1030 Ma) and Associated Rocks, Central Metasedimentary Belt Boundary Tectonic Zone, Grenville Province R.M. Easton
  4. Project Unit 13-013. Faulting History, Terrane Subdivision and Mineral Potential of the Cobden Area, Northeastern Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province R.M. Easton
  5. Project Unit 13-013. Geology and Mineral Potential of the Chenaux Gabbro, Northeastern Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province B. Azar and R.M. Easton
  6. Project Unit 13-014. Geology and Mineral Potential of the Admaston–Horton and Mud Lake Map Areas, Northeastern Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province M. Duguet, V. Dubé‑Bourgeois and S. Ma
  7. Project Unit 11-003. Rare Earth Element Mineralization in a Skarn Zone, Burnstown Outcrop, Mazinaw Domain, Grenville Province V. Dubé‑Bourgeois, Q. Gall and M. Duguet
  8. Project Unit 11-003. Late Dextral Strike-Slip Event in the Northern Mazinaw Domain, Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province Z. Liu, S. Lin and M. Duguet
  9. Project Unit 13-029. Reconnaissance Geological Mapping in the Nepewassi Domain, Central Gneiss Belt, Grenville Province N.G. Culshaw, S. Van de Kerckhove and R.A. Jamieson
  10. Project Unit 12-003. Geological Mapping Results from Varley Township, Southern and Superior Provinces D. Lewis
  11. Project Unit 12-004. Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology Studies with Emphasis on Proterozoic Mafic Intrusions, Otter and Morin Townships, Southern and Superior Provinces C.A. Gordon


  1. Summary of Geophysical Projects and Activities D.R.B. Rainsford

Aggregate Resources and Industrial Minerals

  1. Project Unit 13-022. Aggregate Resources Inventory of Middlesex County, Southwestern Ontario V.L. Lee
  2. Project Unit 13-023. Aggregate Resources Inventory for Oxford and Brant Counties D.J. Rowell
  3. Project Unit 13-024. Industrial Sand Pilot Project Results P.J. Sangster and D.J. Rowell
  4. Project Unit 13-025. Aggregate and Industrial Mineral Potential of the Guelph Formation: An Update D.J. Rowell

Surficial Mapping and Sampling

  1. Project Unit 11-023. Till Sampling for Indicator Minerals in the McFaulds Lake (“Ring of Fire”) Area, Far North of Ontario C. Gao
  2. Project Unit 11-028. Surficial Geology Mapping and Till Sampling in the Chapleau Area, Northern Ontario: Second Phase C. Gao
  3. Project Unit 13-019. Quaternary Geological Mapping of the Lindsay Area, Southern Ontario A.S. Marich
  4. Project Unit 08-008. Field Studies in Support of Remote Predictive Terrain Mapping in the Far North of Ontario P.J. Barnett, S.A. Finkelstein and K.H. Yeung
  5. Project Unit 13-005. Sedimentological and Structural Analysis of Quaternary Sediments from the Ridge River Area, Hudson Bay Lowland M.K. Nguyen, S.R. Hicock and P.J. Barnett

Surficial Geochemistry

  1. Project Unit 13-010. Marathon Area High-Density Lake Sediment and Water Survey, Northwestern Ontario R.D. Dyer and L.A. Handley
  2. Project Unit 11-024. McFaulds Lake (“Ring of Fire”) Area High-Density Lake Sediment and Water Survey, Far North, Ontario R.D. Dyer and L.A. Handley
  3. Project Unit 13-020. Characterization of Phosphorus in Stream Sediments and Waters in Selected Watersheds of Lake Erie H.E. Burke

Paleozoic Geology and Energy Studies

  1. Project Unit 10-028. The Hudson Platform Project: Stratigraphy of the Aquitaine Sogepet et al. Pen No. 1 Core D.K. Armstrong, A.D. McCracken, E. Asselin and F.R. Brunton
  2. Project Unit 10-028. Petrographic Analysis of Paleozoic Strata in the Hudson Platform, Northern Ontario K.E. Hahn and D.K. Armstrong
  3. Project Unit 10-028. The Hudson Platform Project: 2013 Field Work and Drill-Core Correlations, Western Moose River Basin L.M. Ratcliffe and D.K. Armstrong
  4. Project Unit 08-004. Karst and Hazards Lands Mitigation: Some Guidelines for Geological and Geotechnical Investigations in Ontario Karst Terrains F.R. Brunton

Groundwater Studies

  1. Project Unit 13-018. The Niagara Peninsula Study: A New Three-Dimensional Quaternary Geology Mapping Project A.K. Burt
  2. Project Unit 07-025. Ambient Groundwater and Geochemistry Project of the Kingston–Peterborough Area C.N. Freckelton and S.M. Hamilton
  3. Project Unit 13-027. Development of an Aquifer Mapping Tool, City of Clarence–Rockland, Ontario S.R. Morton, T. Di Iorio, S.M. Hamilton and M.J.L. Robin
  4. Project Unit 13-026. Investigation of Gases and Biota Related to Serpentinization of Kimberlites in the Kirkland Lake Area B. Esen, T.H. Brisco, B. Sherwood Lollar, M.O. Schrenk, S.M. Hamilton and G. Lacrampe‑Couloume

Resident Geologist Program

  1. The Westward Extension of the Larder–Cadillac Fault Through the Kenogamissi Batholith, Abitibi Subprovince B.T. Atkinson

Geoscience Laboratories

  1. Carbon and Sulphur Analysis in Geological Samples by Combustion–Infrared: Verifying Method Capabilities on New Instrumentation F. Amirault and O.M. Burnham
  2. Analysis of Oxide-Rich Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Following Lithium Metaborate Fusion O.M. Burnham
  3. A Review of Gravimetric Lead Fire-Assay Analysis at the Geoscience Laboratories V. Hingst and O.M. Burnham
  4. Revision of the Calibration for Trace Element Analysis of Geological Samples by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence at the Geoscience Laboratories G.L. Keating and O.M. Burnham
  5. Determination of Fluoride and Chloride Concentrations in Geological Materials by Ion Selective Electrode L. Pamer
  6. QA/QC: Summary of 2012–2013 Quality-Control Data at the Geoscience Laboratories J.H. Hechler

Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4 (TGI-4)

  1. Project Unit 10-004. An Update of the High-Magnesium Ultramafic to Mafic Systems Subproject Under the Targeted Geoscience Initiative   M.G. Houlé and R.T. Metsaranta
  2. Project Unit 10-004. An Update on Regional Bedrock Geology Mapping in the McFaulds Lake (“Ring of Fire”) Region R.T. Metsaranta and M.G. Houlé
  3. Project Unit 13-001. Overview of the Mafic and Ultramafic Intrusions in the Eastern Uchi Domain of the Superior Province, Northern Ontario A.‑A. Sappin, M.G. Houlé, C.M. Lesher and V.J. McNicoll
  4. Project Unit 13-002. Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Black Thor Intrusive Complex and Associated Chromium and Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element Mineralization, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario H.J.E. Carson, C.M. Lesher, M.G. Houlé, R.J. Weston and D.A. Shinkle
  5. Project Unit 13-002. Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Black Label Chromitite Horizon, Black Thor Intrusive Complex, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario  K. Mehrmanesh, H.J.E. Carson, C.M. Lesher and M.G. Houlé
  6. Project Unit 13-002. Geology and Genesis of Mobilized Chromitite in the Black Label Pyroxenite Zone of the Black Thor Intrusive Complex, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario  C.S. Spath III, C.M. Lesher and M.G. Houlé
  7. Project Unit 13-002. Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element Mineralization in the Black Thor Intrusive Complex, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario N. Farhangi, C.M. Lesher and M.G. Houlé
  8. Project Unit 12-010. Petrogenesis of Ferrogabbroic Intrusions and Associated Iron-Titanium-Vanadium-Phosphorus Mineralization within the McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Superior Province, Northern Ontario B. Kuzmich, P. Hollings and M.G. Houlé
  9. Project Unit 13-008. Geology and Geochemistry of the Thunder Intrusion, Midcontinent Rift, Thunder Bay, Ontario B. Trevisan, P. Hollings and D.E. Ames
  10. Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4. Lode Gold Deposits in Ancient Deformed and Metamorphosed Terranes: Geological Mapping and Structural Re-Appraisal of the Banded Iron Formation–Hosted Gold Mineralization in the Geraldton Area, Ontario Z. Tóth, B. Lafrance, B. Dubé, P. Mercier‑Langevin and V.J. McNicoll
  11. Redefining the Pattern and Timing of Metamorphism in the North Caribou Greenstone Belt C.J. Kelly, É. Gagnon and D.A. Schneider