Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2018

Mines and Minerals Division: 

The Ontario Geological Survey is pleased to provide Summary of Field Work and Other Activities, 2018 (OFR 6350) for electronic distribution.

Summary of Field Work and Other Activities presents highlights of, and key new information from, mapping and geoscientific research conducted during the year.

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Summary of Field Work Location Maps 2018

Office of the Director, Ontario Geological Survey

  1. Ontario Geological Survey: Update of Strategic Perspective for 2018–2019 J.R. Parker
  2. Ontario Geological Survey: Measuring Success M.D. Clement
  3. Activities of the Aboriginal Geoscience Liaisons in 2017–2018 L. Schmidt and J. Simpson

Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section

  1. Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section: 2018–2019 Program and Projects Overview  R-L. Simard

Precambrian Geology – Northeastern Ontario

  1. Project NE-18-007. Geology and Mineral Potential of West Township, Michipicoten Greenstone Belt J. Walker and L. Robichaud
  2. Project NE-18-003. Preliminary Geology of Penhorwood Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt P.J. MacDonald, J.M. Bisaillon and L.E.D. Vice
  3. Project NE-18-003. Preliminary Geology of Kenogaming Township, Northern Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt L.E.D. Vice and P.J. MacDonald
  4. Project NE-18-002. Preliminary Geology and Mineral Potential of Mallard and Marion Townships and Part of Genoa Township, Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt T.P. Gemmell, N. Szumylo and A.B. Mowbray
  5. Project NE-17-007. Tectonometamorphic History of the Wawa–Abitibi Terrane: A Deep Crustal Transect Through the Kapuskasing Uplift J. Kendrick, C. Yakymchuk and M. Duguet

Precambrian Geology – Northwestern Ontario

  1. Project NW-18-001. Geology and Mineral Potential of Priske and Strey Townships, Western Schreiber–Hemlo Greenstone Belt S.J. Magnus and E.C.G. Hastie
  2. Project NW-17-001. Preliminary Results from Geological Mapping in Conmee Township, Shebandowan Greenstone Belt, Wawa–Abitibi Terrane L.M. Ratcliffe and L.R. Streit
  3. Project NW-17-003. Geology and Geochemistry of Komatiites, Lake of the Woods Greenstone Belt C. Boucher and P. Hollings

Precambrian Geology – Proterozoic and Grenville Province

  1. Project Unit 15-010. Precambrian Geology of Denison Township, Southwest Sudbury Structure C.A. Gordon
  2. Project SO-17-001. Precambrian Geology and Mineral Potential of the Carleton Place Area, Grenville Province R.M. Easton
  3. Project SO-18-001. Precambrian Geology of the Renfrew Area, Northeastern Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province M. Duguet


  1. Summary of Geophysical Projects and Activities D.R.B. Rainsford and S. Biswas
  2. Project AS-18-002. Aeromagnetic Inversion Pilot Study S.A. Bulanda and D.R.B. Rainsford

Surficial Mapping and Sampling

  1. Project FN-17-002. Surficial Geology of the Sandy Lake Area, Far North of Ontario C. Gao, K.H. Yeung, J.A. Dyer and K.R. Dzuirban
  2. Project NE-18-001. An Update on Multi-Year Quaternary Geological Mapping Along the Highway 11 Corridor, Northeastern Ontario A.S. Marich
  3. Project SO-18-003. Aggregate Resources in the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Southern Ontario K.E. Hahn

Surficial Geochemistry

  1. Project NE-18-008. Biogeochemical and Electrical Investigations in Soils at the Thorn North Forest Ring K. von Gunten, S.M. Hamilton, Z.A. DiLoreto, M.S. Alam, D.S. Alessi, M. Dittrich, B. Sherwood Lollar, K.O. Konhauser and K.M. Dell

Paleozoic Geology and Energy Studies

  1. Project SO-18-006. Paleozoic Geology of Eastern Ontario: Ottawa Area C. Béland Otis
  2. Project SO-18-005. Identification and Mapping of Alkali–Carbonate Reactive Layers in the Gull River Formation, Near Kingston, Ontario K.E. Hahn and C.A. MacDonald

Groundwater Studies

  1. Project NE-18-004. The Ambient Groundwater Geochemistry Project: North Bay Area K.M. Dell and M.A. Francis
  2. Project Unit 14-015. Last Phase of Subsurface Data Collection for Three-Dimensional Mapping in the Central Part of the County of Simcoe, Southern Ontario R.P.M. Mulligan
  3. Project SO-18-002. First Phase of Regional Groundwater Systems Mapping in the County of Simcoe, Southern Ontario E.H. Priebe, A.F. Bajc, A.K. Burt and R.P.M. Mulligan
  4. Update on Geological Survey of Canada Activities in 2017–2018 Related to the Ontario Geological Survey Groundwater Collaboration in Southern Ontario H.A.J. Russell

Geoscience Laboratories

  1. Sample Preparation: Contamination from Grinding Media during Pulverization O.M. Burnham
  2. Summary of Quality Control Data for the Geoscience Laboratories Methods IML-100, IML-101, IMW-100, LOI-2ST, LOI-3ST and LOI-4ST J.C. Hargreaves
  3. Calibration for Silver and Cadmium Trace Analysis of Geological Samples by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence at the Geoscience Laboratories G.L. Keating

Metal Earth

Kapuskasing Area

  1. Identification of Partial Melting Relationships in the Southern Kapuskasing Structural Zone, Ontario N. Estrada, D.K. Tinkham, T.R.C. Jørgensen and J.H. Marsh

Geraldton–Onaman Transect

  1. Preliminary Results from the Assessment of the Structural Evolution of the Southern Geraldton–Onaman Transect Z. Tóth and B. Lafrance
  2. Preliminary Results from Geological Mapping of the Volcanic Stratigraphy of the Elmhirst–Rickaby and Humboldt Assemblages, Onaman–Tashota Greenstone Belt K.R. Strongman, H.L. Gibson and Z. Tóth

Dryden Transect

  1. Preliminary Observations from Structural Mapping of Regional Deformation Zones in the Dryden–Stormy Lake Area of the Western Wabigoon Subprovince K. Zammit, B.M. Frieman and S. Perrouty
  2. Preliminary Results from Detailed Geological Mapping of the Lost Lake Area in the Western Wabigoon Subprovince, Ontario D. Downie, B.M. Frieman and S. Perrouty
  3. Preliminary Structural and Stratigraphic Investigations Along the Metal Earth Dryden–Stormy Lake Transect B.M. Frieman and S. Perrouty
  4. Preliminary Regional Interpretation and Sampling for Modelling and Prospectivity Analysis of the Western Wabigoon Subprovince R.M. Montsion, S. Perrouty and B.M. Frieman

Cobalt Area

  1. Structure and Stratigraphy of Archean Volcanic Units and the Paleoproterozoic Cobalt Group Near Cobalt, Ontario S.E. White and R.L. Sherlock

Larder Lake Transect

  1. Geological Mapping of Timiskaming-age Intrusions Along the Lincoln–Nipissing Shear Zone, Larder Lake, Ontario S. Brace, D.J. Kontak, K.E. Rubingh and P. Jugo
  2. Preliminary Results from Detailed Geological Mapping of the Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of the Hearst Assemblage, and the Nature of the Lincoln–Nipissing Shear Zone, Skead Township, Northeastern Ontario K.E. Rubingh, S. Brace and R.L. Sherlock
  3. Regional and Detailed Structural Mapping of the Timiskaming Assemblage–Larder Lake Group Contact Between the Kerr–Addison and Cheminis Mine Sites, Northeastern Ontario N. St-Jean, R.L. Sherlock and B. Lafrance
  4. Preliminary Results from Mapping Alteration and Structure of a New Exposure South of Dobie, Ontario L. Hunt and K.E. Rubingh

Swayze Transect

  1. Lithological and Stratigraphic Relationships of the North Swayze and Matheson Areas, Abitibi Greenstone Belt R. Haugaard, T.P. Gemmell, J.A. Ayer and P.C. Thurston
  2. Base Metal Mineralization Associated with the Woman River Iron Formation, with a Focus on the Jefferson and Stackpool Prospects, Marion and Genoa Townships, Swayze Area, Abitibi Greenstone Belt A.B. Mowbray, H.L. Gibson, T.P. Gemmell and R. Haugaard
  3. The Rundle Intrusive Complex: Investigating Oxidation Processes Related to Gold Mineralization in an Archean Alkalic Intrusive Setting C.R. Small, A.M. McDonald and E.C.G. Hastie


  1. Potential Field Data Acquisition and Compilation Across Metal Earth’s Areas of Interest A. Maleki, W.J. McNeice, F. Justina, E. Eshaghi and R.S. Smith
  2. Magnetotelluric Data Collection in the Superior Province, Canada E. Roots and G. Hill