About Us

The Northern Development Division (NDD) helps northerners build stronger, more prosperous economies and communities.

Our Goals 

At NDD we:

  • deliver Ontario government programs, services and information
  • promote economic growth, infrastructure enhancements and investment in Northern Ontario
  • ensure that government policies and programs reflect a northern perspective
  • engage northern stakeholders in government initiatives affecting Northern Ontario and provide a voice in government initiatives.

Divisional Organization

Under the office of the Assistant Deputy Minister, the Northern Development Division has four branches/units. 

Regional Economic Development Branch

The Regional Economic Development Branch (REDB) works with northern communities, businesses and other stakeholders to identify economic development opportunities and to access government funding programs.

Strategic Initiatives Branch

The Strategic Initiatives Branch (SIB) provides strategic policy advice on northern economic development.  The Strategic Programs Unit oversees the framework and implementation of economic development planning, strategic and transformative initiatives for northern Ontario including agency reviews, restructuring initiatives and alternative service delivery models.  The Coordination and Analysis Unit researches northern issues, evaluates government approaches, assists in the design and assessment of economic development initiatives, and provides input to policy.

Transportation, Trade and Investment Branch

The Transportation, Trade and Investment Branch delivers transportation and infrastructure programs in the North, such as the Northern Highways Program.  It also promotes trade and investment by assisting Northern Ontario firms to participate in export markets, and by attracting national and international clients to invest in the North.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) is an agency of ENDM that offers a variety of funding programs to foster economic growth and investments in Northern Ontario.

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