Local Services Board

A local services board (LSB) is a volunteer organization that has the authority under the Northern Services Boards Act to deliver approved powers (services) to residents. These boards are set up in rural areas where there is no municipal structure to deliver services such as fire protection or garbage collection. Area residents vote to determine an LSB's boundaries.

Each LSB is unique in the services it offers its residents. Some LSBs choose to provide only one or two services while others can have up to the full nine services that are available under the Northern Services Boards Act.

What are the powers of an LSB?

An LSB can be approved to deliver any of nine powers, or approved services, to residents within the board's geographical area:

  • Water Supply
  • Fire Protection
  • Garbage Collection
  • Sewage
  • Street or Area Lighting
  • Recreation
  • Roads
  • Public Library Service
  • Emergency Telecommunications

More Information

For further Local Services Boards information, please see the following documents:

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