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When it comes to experience, innovation, technology and safety, Ontario's mining sector leads the world. Over 1,400 companies offer a full range of capabilities - from mine exploration and operation, to equipment and technology, security and safety, environment studies and site reclamation.

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Six Reasons to Choose Ontario Suppliers


With over 140 years' experience in one of the most challenging environments, Ontario has built a world-class mining industry and reputation.

Since the first gold rush of 1866, Ontario's rich Canadian Shield has yielded an abundance of base and precious metals and minerals, including nickel, gold, copper, zinc, platinum, palladium, cobalt, silver, uranium and amethyst. Non-metallic minerals mined include salt, gypsum, lime, nepheline syenite, gravel and stone.

Recent discoveries and untapped deposits point to long-term prosperity, with investments increasingly focused on the exploration and extraction of diamonds and rare earth metals.

Today, Ontario's mining sector is an over $10 billion mining innovation powerhouse employing over 40,000 people. The sector's expertise covers the full range of mining supplies and services – from exploration to rehabilitation.


Ontario is a globally recognized centre of mining innovation. Backed by a sound legislative, R&D and export assistance climate, Ontario's mining suppliers set the standards when it comes to mining technology, productivity and environmental and safety innovations.

The region leads the world in automated mining equipment, satellite imaging, mining research and rehabilitation. With rising operating costs and tougher safety and environmental regulations being enforced, mining operations worldwide are meeting the challenges with the help of proven and productive Ontario-grown solutions.


Some of Ontario's most important mining resources are not found on a Periodic Table, but in the factories, offices and laboratories of our mining sector suppliers. The province's highly skilled workforce and exceptional precision manufacturing capabilities help to set us apart. Ontario's mining sector delivers products and processes that meet the most demanding specifications and the highest international standards.

From above ground remote control systems, to heavy equipment operating hundreds of metres below the surface, global mining operations invest their trust in the quality and reliability of the goods and services supplied by Ontario’s mining sector.


Ontario is a centre of mining excellence, with suppliers servicing both the domestic and international markets.

Over 1,400 companies offer the most advanced equipment and support services and the sector exports its expertise to over 75 countries.

From the earliest feasibility stages, through exploration, operation and eventual mine closings and rehabilitation, Ontario mining sector companies have an unmatched depth of expertise to share. This includes equipment, infrastructure and technology suppliers, hardware and software providers, legal, logistics, training and investment experts and a full range of consulting mining professionals.

Companies worldwide know they can depend on Ontario suppliers to deliver on time, on spec and on budget. Make your connection now.


Respected Audit, Tax and Advisory firm, KPMG produces regular reports comparing the costs of doing business in 10 countries. Their Competitive Alternatives findings for 2004 through 2010 all highlighted the fact that, in Ontario, operating costs for sophisticated manufacturing companies were lower than those in the U.S. or any other G7 country.

This makes Ontario manufacturers highly competitive when it comes to global business opportunities.


VALE uses a robot, adapted from Canadarm technology, to prepare mine workings in areas of unstable rock.

XSTRATA has developed a virtual reality mining helmet worn by operators on the surface to direct heavy equipment deep in their mines.

MINING TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, one of Ontario's largest mining suppliers, has built a fully functional test tunnel beside their Sudbury, Ontario facility. The unique on-site tunnel was designed to test and showcase their equipment and train staff and customers in an actual, working underground mining environment.

BESTECH has developed best-in-class software, engineering, automation and environmental monitoring services to meet the demand for specialized system integration and automation solutions in the mining sector. Companies in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and South America use its products.

ECO WASTE SOLUTIONS designs and manufactures innovative camp waste incinerators that treat a range of mine site waste materials, while meeting North American and European emission standards. With a focus on markets in North, Central and South America, Eco's incinerators treat waste from the Arctic Circle to the Andes Mountains.

HLS HARD-LINE SOLUTIONS designs, manufactures and services state-of-the-art mining communications systems, including radio remote control, wired control and tele-operated, video and digital systems. Hard-Line’s global customers include mining giants like Codelco, Xstrata, New Boliden Tara Mines, Volcan Compañia Minera S.A., Industrias Peñoles S.A., Barrick Gold, and BHP Billiton.

MIRARCO is a pioneer in virtual reality, and has developed 3D technology that enables technicians, engineers, planners, managers, regulators and financiers to interpret and evaluate mining data with unique clarity and detail. Its technology is being used to "turn data into gold" by a growing number of companies in Canada, the U.S., China and Australia.

TIMBEROCK INTERNATIONAL "goes the distance" when it comes to customer service. For more than 25 years, hard rock mining companies from North America, South America and Europe turn to Timberock for specialized repairs, including jumbo rock drills, boom and feed systems and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

WATTS, GRIFFIS and McOUAT (WGM) is one of the most trusted names in global mining. From grass roots exploration through to mine closure, its expertise covers project management, mineral resource and reserve estimates, NI 43-101 technical reports, due diligence reviews and property valuations. WGM's clients include Itilima Gold in Tanzania, Al Masane Polymetallic Mine in Saudi Arabia, OncaPuma in Brazil, and Tong Guan in China.