Northern Ontario Winter Roads

Winter roads in the province’s Far North connect remote First Nation communities to a permanent highway or railway system. From around mid-January until spring thaw, winter roads make it easier and more affordable for people to travel and bring in supplies.

Major benefits of winter roads include:

  • Reduced cost of transporting consumer goods, fuel and construction materials to remote communities (truck vs. air)
  • More affordable and convenient access to primary health care and other services
  • Job creation and training opportunities for First Nation members involved in delivering the program
  • Enhanced seasonal access to remote areas of the province, helping the economy in remote communities  (easier access to mineral  resources)

Attention Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers:

Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8 apply on the winter roads network.

Section 191 (1) An operator may apply in writing to the Registrar for a certificate exempting the operator and any driver employed by or contracted to the operator from any requirement prescribed by the regulations made under clause 190 (7) (a), (b) or (c). 2016, c. 5, Sched. 12, s. 8.

The written submission must include:

  • Carrier Name;
  • CVOR Number;
  • Information describing if the request pertains to specific type of vehicle or geographical location which makes the carrier unique;
  • The exemption duration, include the start and end date;
  • What alternatives have been considered and reasons why these alternatives are not viable;
  • What are the impacts if the exemption was not granted.

Submissions are to be sent to:

Sherry Werner
Carrier Safety Rating Administrator
Carrier Sanctions & Investigations Office
Ministry of Transportation
301 St. Paul Street, 3rd Floor
St. Catharines, ON, L2R 7R4
Tel: (905) 704-2974 | Fax: (905) 704-2039


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