Land Use Planning

Community-based land use planning is a joint process in which Ontario and First Nations work together to make decisions on where land use activities may take place in the Far North. The legislative foundation for land use planning in the Far North is the Far North Act, 2010, which requires that a community-based land use plan is in place for most major development, such as the opening of a mine, or constructing or expanding all-weather transportation.

Through the land use planning process, Ontario and First Nations will determine which areas to protect and which areas are suitable for sustainable economic development.

Land use decisions made through community-based land use planning will give First Nations, industry and businesses greater certainty about appropriate land use and potential development and lead to more opportunities in the Far North. It also ensures the protection of areas of cultural and ecological value.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is supporting First Nations community-based land use planning in the Ring of Fire, including collecting background information, documenting traditional knowledge, and building capacity in the community to prepare land use plans.

Community-based land use planning is proceeding concurrently with planning for the potential mineral development in the Ring of Fire. Other requirements, such as environmental assessments are also ongoing.