What To Do If You Forget your ONe-key Username or Password

Follow these steps to recover your ONe-key ID and/or password. Do not create a new ONe-key account.

Click on “Can’t access your account?”

Can't access your account

For Forgotten ONe-key IDs

If you forgot your ONe-key ID, select “I forgot my ONe-key ID” and click Get Help Now

I forgot my ONe-key ID

Type in the e-mail address used for your ONe-key registration and click “Continue”.

Use email address to recover user name

Your ID will be sent to that email address. Retrieve your ONe-key ID from your email.  Follow these additional instructions:

Follow instructions to recover user name

The email will be similar to the image below and will list your username. Write it down and keep it where you can easily retrieve it later.

List of your user names

For Forgotten passwords

If you forgot your password, select “I forgot my password” and click “Get Help Now”.

I forgot my password

Type in your ONe-key ID (username) and click “Continue”:

Use username to recover password

The set of security questions you created will appear (the image below is an example). Answer your password recovery questions accurately and click “Check Answers”:

Answer your password recovery questions

Type in your new password. Write down your new password and keep it where you can easily retrieve it later.

Create your new password and confirm

Forgotten Username and Password:

You can attempt to recover either of these by following the steps above. Often, they will trigger you to remember one or the other without clicking the “I forgot both my ONe-key ID and password”.

If you cannot recover your username and/or password, contact the Provincial Recording Office at 1-888-415-9845, for further instructions. DO NOT contact ONe-key or ServiceOntario unless we specifically direct you to do so.