Electronic Assessment System

The Electronic Assessment System allows assessment work to be submitted online.

Submission Timelines

Each electronic submission must be completed within 72 hours. During the 72 hour submission window, submissions can be accessed, changed and updated by the submitter. The submission's time and date of receipt will be marked as the time and date the Ministry successful receives the completed submission. If a submission is not completed within 72 hours it will be deleted and a new submission will be required.

Submission Process

The submission process is outlined on the Electronic Assessment System website.

Required Information

The following information should be kept on hand when completing a submission:

  • An e-mail address for submission confirmation.
  • The dates and costs of all assessment work performed.
  • The mining claim numbers or disposition "G" numbers where work was performed and/or to be distributed.
  • Any technical reports in PDF format, along with the report: title, year, number of pages, author and who the work was performed for.
  • Any maps in JPEG or PDF formats, along with the map: title, year and scale.
  • Any drill hole information with drill hole: claim holder, hole number, collar coordinates in UTM or Lat./Long., hole type, year, azimuth, dip, length, overburden, significant assays and type of logs.
  • Any other documents in PDF format, including: contiguity sketches, assay certificates, agent letters and/or option agreements.