Mining Act Policies, Standards and Directives

The ministry is in the process of reviewing and updating its policies to reflect recent changes to the Mining Act as they relate to the implementation of online mining claim registration and an electronic Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS). Until further notice, visitors should consider this content to be in transition and subject to modifications.


The ministry has developed a set of policies to aid clients on implementation of relevant Mining Act provisions and regulations.

Changes have been made to the Mining Act, including new regulations to promote mineral exploration and development in a manner that recognizes Aboriginal and treaty rights.

  • ENDM’s policy on Consultation and Arrangements with Aboriginal Communities at Early Exploration provides clarity and guidance to proponents for carrying out consultation requirements with Aboriginal communities.
  • ENDM’s policy on Dispute Resolution at Early Exploration provides information regarding the ministry’s approach to dispute resolution as referenced in section 170.1 of the Mining Act and O.Reg 308/12 (Exploration Plans & Permits).  It summarizes the general principles and requirements as well as the dispute resolution process as it pertains to permits at early exploration.
  • ENDM’s policy on Sites of Aboriginal Cultural Significance – Withdrawals and Surface Rights Restrictions describes the approach to implementing O.Reg 45/11 (General) pertaining to sites of Aboriginal cultural significance for the purposes of sections 35 and 51 of the Mining Act. It describes the processes relating to withdrawing a site from online mining claim registration and the consideration of surface rights restrictions.
  • ENDM's policy on Voluntary Rehabilitation of Mine Hazards is intended to provide additional guidance on the voluntary rehabilitation process, which will assist potential volunteers to determine whether they wish to undertake such a project.

To view a listing of other Mining Act policies, visit the policies website.


The ministry has recently developed standards related to exploration plans and permits and to georeferencing of unpatented mining claims, as follows:


The following directives provide direction on the use of the Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS).  Per the Mining Act and the regulations claimholders, lessees, patent holders, or prospector licensees must be registered users in MLAS to do business for mining purposes, in Ontario. Consult our user guide for instructions on how to register.

Directive 1 – Getting Started
Directive 2 – Obtaining a Prospector’s Licence
Directive 3 – Registering a Mining Claim
Directive 4 – Claim Management
Directive 5 – Assessment Work Reporting
Directive 6 – Early Exploration Activities
Directive 7 – Dispositions – Coming Soon


MLAS Video Tutorials

  1. register as an existing legacy client
  2. register as a new client
  3. apply for a prospector’s licence in MLAS
  4. view or print a prospector’s licence
  5. register a mining claim
  6. initiate the transfer of a mining claim
  7. complete the transfer of a mining claim
  8. confirm Surface Rights Owner (SRO) notification of claim registration
  9. distribute approved credits
  10. manage agents
  11. submit a notice of claim abandonment