Long Lake Gold Remediation (Remediation Plan for Unconfined Tailings)


Long Lake Gold mine operated intermittently from 1908 to 1937 and produced approximately 200,000 tonnes of tailings.  The tailings were discharged directly to the environment without containment.  The tailings have since eroded into Luke Creek and Long Lake.  The tailings are acid generating and leach acidic water that is high in metal contamination, specifically arsenic.  Recently Ministry sampling in the south end of Long Lake identified arsenic contamination above the Ontario Drinking Water Standard. 

The Ministry initiated a review of remediation alternatives to clean up the tailings area and has selected a preferred method of relocating all fugitive tailings to a new containment facility that will be constructed on site.  The objective of remediation efforts is to reduce the arsenic concentration in Long Lake below the provincial drinking water limit, such that water quality in the south bay of Long Lake will recover to background conditions.

Long Lake Gold mine is located in Eden Township, just outside of the city of Greater Sudbury at the at the south end of Long Lake.
A map showing the location of the Long Lake Mine Site. The former Long Lake Gold Mine is located approximately 1.3 km south of the southwest end of Long Lake, south of the City of Greater Sudbury in Eden Township.
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