St. Marys Cement Bowmanville Underground Expansion Project (Issuance of mining lease)


St. Marys Cement (SMC), a division of Votorantim Cimentos, is proposing to construct and operate the Bowmanville Underground Expansion Project (the Project), to be located contiguous with SMC’s existing licenced quarry area situated on the shore of Lake Ontario within the Municipality of Clarington (Figure 1).  The Project will extend beyond the existing site beneath the lake to extract limestone from an underground mine to be located beneath the bed of Lake Ontario.  SMC is looking at alternative sources of limestone, including the underground sources associated with the Project, due to the increasing scarcity of high quality limestone occurring within certain parts of Ontario

The project is located in the Municipality of Clarington, approximately 20km south of the City of Bownmanville, southern Ontario.
St. Mary's location map
In progress