Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. Albany Graphite Project (Permission to Test Mineral Content)


Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (Zenyatta) is a mineral development company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario currently developing the Albany Graphite Deposit. Zenyatta has requested permission to extract a 990 tonne bulk sample, as per the requirements of Section 52.1 of the Mining Act.  Zenyatta has also requested permission to dispose, as per Section 52.4 of the Act, in order to permit the sale of graphene, a by-product of the laboratory testing process. As per the requirements of O. Reg. 308/12, an exploration permit is also required for the proposed activities. Zenyatta proposes a large-diameter reverse circulation drilling program via truck-mounted drill.  Additional equipment will include a bulldozer for site preparation as well as a compressor.  Drill holes are expected to be drilled as closely as possible to minimize land disturbance. This will be a winter program.

This proposed Category B project is being carried out in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment for ENDM’s Activities under the Mining Act (Class EA).

The Albany Graphite Project is located approximately 30 km north of the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 35 km north-west of the community of Constance Lake First Nation, and approximately 70 km north-west of the town of Hearst, in northeastern Ontario. The proposed bulk sample is on two cell claims, 253668 and 265162.

Both claims are located in the Pitopiko River Area, with coordinates as follows: Cell Claim 253668: 682383.56 E 5545699 N and Cell Claim 265162: 682842.66 E 5545699 N
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. Albany Graphite Project