The public includes all Ontario citizens. Contact with the public should be made and maintained thoughout the mining sequence, as changes to the land may influence recreational activities, raise environmental concerns or cause health or safety issues. In some cases, contacting the public is also a requirement under the Mining Act.

Contact Requirements and Suggestions

The public must often be contacted when seeking government approvals, during environmental assessment processes, before beginning advanced exploration and before the construction of a new mine. In addition to consultation specified by the Mines and Minerals Division, public consultation may also be necessary to receive approvals or complete assessments required by other government organizations such the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry or the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Consultation requirements can range from a single notice on the environmental registry to notices in various media outlets or hosting multiple consultation sessions.


The Mines and Minerals Division employs a number of mineral exploration and development consultants who are available to provide guidance and oversight regarding public consultation. To get in touch with a consultant, contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section or one of their local offices.