Mine Operations

Table of Contents

Mine operations is the process of managing many immediate and long-term activities in and around a mine site in order to facilitate the production of a mineral product.


A mine operation has five main activities:

  • The excavation of earth and rock
  • The processing of the excavated material to separate the ore from the waste rock
  • The storage and maintenance of waste material
  • The monitoring of environmental conditions such as air quality, water quality and noise levels
  • The operation of supporting services such as repair shops, labs, living quarters, warehouses and offices


  • Regulatory Requirements Outside of ENDM provides a listing and descriptions of some of the regulatory permits and other requirements for common activities related to mineral exploration and development activities. The pdf document contains a left side navigation pane.  If your browser does not show this pane, save the pdf file to your computer and view with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • For more information regarding immediate and long-term mine operation activities, contact the Mineral Exploration and Development Section or one of their local offices.