Directive 1 - Getting Started on Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS)

Enrolment and Client Management


In order to do business for mining purposes, as per the Mining Act and the regulations, claimholders, lessees, patent holders, or prospector licensees must use the new MLAS.  You must also register if you are a land manager or an agent representing a claimholder.  To do so, you must first enrol in MLAS and establish a client profile as either an individual or organization.

Persons must be eighteen years of age or older to enrol.

Ontario ONe-key Registration

A ONe-key ID is a unique electronic credential that allows you to securely access ONe-key enabled government services. ONe-key is the portal through which MLAS must be accessed; you will need to sign in to ONe-key each time you access MLAS.

Before enrolment in MLAS can start, you must register for an Ontario ONe-key account.  Instructions can be found on the ONe-key website  It is highly recommended that you provide an email address as this will help you recover account information.

Once registered with ONe-key, choose the Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) from the list of Services offered through the ONe-key portal.

Individual Registration

Legacy clients including existing claimholders and holders of active and/or permanent prospector’s license have been provided with an Enrolment Package by mail, containing a client number and PIN that must be used to complete their enrolment into MLAS.  These individuals will enter the client number and PIN that they were provided with, starting at the Registration with Client Number and PIN portion of this Directive. Completing this process will ensure that existing claimholder and/or prospector’s license information will be included in the individual’s Client Profile in MLAS.

Clients that do not fall into the above category will need to register as an ENDM client in order to enrol in MLAS.

Note: you must complete your individual registration and enrolment before you are able to complete registration for an organization.

If you are a new client and/or were not provided with a client number and PIN yet, click on Register as ENDM client.

Registration as MNDM client

Registration as ENDM Client

  • Fill in the required fields and click Next to continue.
  • Review the summary of information provided.
  • If changes are required, click Back to return to the previous screen.
  • If all the information is correct, click Continue.

Registration as MNDM client

Once you have reached the Confirmation screen, you will receive an email containing your client number and PIN which are required to complete your enrolment into MLAS.

Registration with Client number and PIN

  • Return to ONe-key and sign in using your ONe-key ID and password.
  • Click on Mining Lands Administration System.

ONe-key sign in

  • Enter the client number* that was provided to you and click Submit.

Registration as MNDM client

  • Enter the PIN that was provided to you and click Submit.

Continuation of the Enrolement for Mining Lands Adminstration System

  • Review the Terms and Conditions and click I agree to continue.

Terms and Conditions

  • Click on Mining Lands Administration System.

ONe-key My Services page

Your enrolment is complete once you reach the Dashboard page of MLAS.

MLAS dashboard

Client Management

  • To get started in MLAS, select Client Management from the Left Menu.

MLAS dashboard left menu

  • Menu items will expand.

Register an Organization

Once you have completed your enrolment as an individual client in MLAS, you are able to complete registration for an organization.

To complete registration of a Legacy Organization, follow the steps to Become a Profile Administrator.

Note: for organizations incorporated in Canada, a Certificate of Status must be attached that is current within 30 days. For organizations incorporated outside of Canada, attach proof of an Extra-Provincial Licence (must be in PDF format).

  • Select Register Organization from the Client Management options.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Enter Organization Name.
  • Select Organization Type from the drop down menu.
    • Incorporated Company
    • Other
  • If the organization is incorporated, you need to enter the Incorporation Number and Select the Place of Incorporation.
  • Enter the Client Address.

Client Identification details

  • Enter the contact information for the main Contact Person.
  • In order to proceed, you must choose, “I agree” to the statement, “I am an officer of the organization with the authority to bind the organization”.
  • Click Next to proceed to the summary page.
  • Review the Client Information.
  • Click Back to make changes; or
  • Click Confirm to proceed.

An email will be sent to the email address provided containing the organization’s Client Number.

Note: the client status of organizations other than legacy organizations will be automatically set to “Active-Pending Verification” until an internal review process has been completed by ENDM. During this time, the organization will be prevented from completing a number of transactions. Only once the review process has been completed, and the client status has been set to Active, will the organization be able to fully utilize MLAS.

Update Client Profile

  • Select Update Client Profile from Left Menu.
  • Enter your client number in Submitted For?
  • Click Next to proceed.

Update Client Profile

Note: if updating an organization’s Client Profile, enter the organization’s Client Number into the Submitted For box.

  • Please review your client information. All required information must be entered in order to proceed.  Edit any information you would like to change.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Review your Client information.
  • Click Confirm to proceed and accept any changes made.
  • A notification will be posted on the bulletin board.

Manage Agents

  • Select Manage Agents from the left menu.
  • Enter your client number in Submitted For?
  • Click Next to proceed.

Manage Agents

  • Enter the Client ID or Name of Agent you want to have act of your behalf.

Agent List

  • Click on Add Agent.
    • The Agent Name will then be displayed in the Permission List section.

Manage Agent Permissions

Grant Agent Permission(s)

  • Check the boxes next to the Permissions you would like to grant the Agent.
    • Note that specific permissions can be granted for any and all claims and/or tenure items that you hold.
  • You may also check the box next to Grant all permissions to include authorization for all tasks and all claims and/or tenure items.
  • If you check the box next to Set Agent as Assessment Work Manager, the Assessment Work Reporting permissions will automatically be chosen.
  • If assigning permissions for an organization, note that if you check the box next to Become Profile Administrator, the selected individual will also be granted the ability to assign other agents’ permissions for the selected organization.
  • Also note that individuals can only be Profile Administrators for organizations, not other individual clients.

Assessment Work Reporting menu

  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Review the permissions granted.
  • Click Back to make changes; or
  • Click Confirm to proceed.
  • Once confirmed, the Agent status and permissions have been updated.

Become a Profile Administrator (for Legacy Organizations)

A profile administrator is a person or persons responsible for managing an organization’s client profile in MLAS and is responsible for assigning and managing agents and their levels of permission.

A legacy organization is an organization that held active mining claims prior to the conversion date. An individual that has already completed their enrolment into MLAS will need to complete the enrolment on the organization’s behalf by registering as the organization’s profile administrator.

The Organization’s Client Number and Organization Code is required to complete enrolment and was sent to the Organization by mail in their Enrolment Package.

  • Select Become Profile Administrator from the left menu.

Profile Administrator details

  • Enter Organization Client Number and Organization Code.
  • By clicking next, you are verifying that you have the authority to fully act on behalf of this organization.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Please review summary.
  • Click Back to make changes; or
  • Click Confirm to proceed and accept the details for the Profile Administrator.