MAM Update - March 2017

Mines and Minerals Division: 

Bill 39 Standing Committee Review Completed

The Standing Committee on Justice Policy has completed its review of the proposed Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act, 2016 (Bill 39).  Presentations on Schedule 2 of Bill 39, which deals with introduction of online mining claim registration and implementation of a new electronic Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS), took place on March 2nd. You can read the Hansard transcript of the presentations. On March 9th, the Committee considered motions to amend Bill 39 from all parties.  The Committee will report back to the House on the amendments made to Bill 39. The next step would be third reading debate and a vote.  If passed, the Bill must receive royal assent to become an Act.   The changes in Bill 39, Schedule 2 would not be in force immediately, but would be put into effect over time as the new MLAS and online claim registration are rolled out.

Five Key Things You Need to Do

If you haven’t yet turned your attention to taking these important steps, we urge you to take action as soon as possible:

  1. Georeference your mining claims
    Prior to conversion, the location of your mining claims would be finally determined and indicated on the provincial grid.  At that point, the claim would be defined by its location on the provincial grid and not by claim posts. Final determination would be made by the recorder, based on the claim’s location on our claim maps database and the best available data, including GPS data. It is critical that you review the current location of your claims in CLAIMaps. If you feel there is a discrepancy between the field location and the location on our maps, you should contact the Provincial Recording Office as soon as possible. Assessment credits have been available for providing this locational information but are planned to end as of September 1, 2017.
  2. Book a One-on-One Session
    Take advantage of a personal demonstration of how the proposed electronic conversion process would impact your mining claims by contacting us at or calling us at the number below to book your session. To date, nearly 400 clients  have benefited from this informative session.
  3. Understand Your Claims Package
    The proposed conversion process would merge existing claims together if they are in the same cell.  To avoid that, you would need to {complete and} submit a Claim Boundary Report to the Ministry before the conversion date.
  4. Ensure Your Address Is Up To Date
    Should MLAS be launched, important information including a temporary username and password to access the new MLAS system will be sent to you at the address that appears in our records.  If your address has changed and you have not advised us, you will not get this critical information. The Mining Act requires licensees and claim holders to advise the recorder of a change of address. You can find the MNDM change of address form here.
  5. Visit the MAM Website
    Our MAM website contains information that would help you successfully navigate the pre-conversion period and the conversion of your claims if the proposed legislation is passed.

Visit us at our Mining Act Modernization website or call us at 1-888-415-9845