Who is eligible for NIER?

Applicants to the NIER program must meet and maintain all the criteria included in the Program Rules in order to be considered for selection into the NIER Program.

Each facility of the applicant must be:

  • directly owned and controlled by the applicant;
  • a production or processing facility that consumes a minimum of 50,000 mega-watt hours (MWh) of electricity per year;
  • classified as being within one of the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2002 industry sectors: Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction, and Manufacturing (with certain exceptions outlined in the Program Rules);
  • located in Northern Ontario; and
  • a market participant purchasing electricity from the IESO administered electricity market or from a local distribution company, including Hydro One Inc.

What is an energy management plan?

An energy management plan that meets the requirements set out in the Program Rules is required for eligibility in the NIER program. An energy management plan proposes steps and methods for improving electrical efficiency and sustainability. Comprehensive energy management planning is a process of monitoring, controlling, and evaluating energy use in an organization, then taking action to achieve conservation and efficiency targets. It begins with analyzing energy consumption and identifying opportunities to save energy and estimating the potential for how much energy each opportunity will save. See the Program Rules for more information.